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Are you an AmpKicker???
Are you a fiend for music to such an extent that you chronicle who left what band to start his own side project? I bet you do. Do you play 10 second clips of songs for your friends and try to make them guess who the group is? Name the album the song is off of? Guilty as charged, I’m sure.
If you have an unbridled adoration for music and no outlet for your enthusiasm then YOU, sir or madam, are missing the boat. You could be channeling your passion into an enterprise that not only benefits YOU as a music lover, but also aids the bands you so fervently support! Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son… wait, wrong speech.
If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool music enthusiast, then AmpKicker needs your help. We are constantly seeking like minds to help us provide proper coverage to the throngs of artists who are eager to share their material with the world. Our goal is to exert as much passion and energy towards touting these albums as the artists contributed to their creation.
The benefits to you as a writer/photographer/designer:

  • FREE music LONG before the general public has access to it.
  • Speak with the artists themselves about the process of crafting their songs, albums, shows, tours and careers.
  • FREE merchandise and tickets to shows for doing nothing more than sharing your own enthusiasm.
  • Most importantly, though, is you have the privilege of presenting amazing music to the masses: and there is no higher calling in our estimation.

There is no template for becoming a music advocate. You must not be this tall to ride this ride. Age is of no consequence. Experience is often a poor substitute for enthusiasm. If you’re capable of forming a complete sentence and can make a cogent appeal for recognizing a record’s greatness, then you’re all set. If you’re a budding journalist looking to get your name into a byline, let us help get you published. You’ll get real-world experience covering content far more scintillating than a hike in the cost of a college meal plan… and what’s more, no ambulance chasing involved. No preservatives added, no assembly required.
We’re not looking to knee-cap anyone here, either. If you don’t like a record, don’t write it up. Move on to something that interests you. There are far too many albums out there that you’ll relish sampling to waste any energy trying to stomach something you can’t stand. We don’t want any vitriol on our site. We don’t deal in slander.
We aren’t music critics. We are music advocates.
If you’re curious what the difference is, drop us a line and see if you have what it takes to be an AmpKicker.
Those interested in applying should email the following information to writers [at] ampkicker.com

  • Basic information about you (Name, age, location)
  • Music interests (Favorite genres, bands, songs)
  • Have you written reviews before? If you have, give us a link to something you’ve written. If not please include a sample review (at least 2 paragraphs)

If you connect with music in any way, and want to share that connection with the world, we want to hear from you.



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