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GREATER GHOST is an Alternative/Rock band from Stoke-On-Trent England. (Yes, that’s really a place) and features Jay Hawkins (Vocals, Guitar), Rick Loynes (Vocals, Bass), Rich Ellis (Guitar), Tim Paling (Drums).   They’ve just released their second EP called Polarity, recorded by Kevin Peters in Bristol’s Anemic Studios, and is available everywhere. (FOR FREE AT http://greaterghost.bandcamp.com/)   These guys blend the best pieces of bands like Moving Mountains, Thrice, and Finch   Read More ...

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There is something to be said of blissful ignorance when you’re writing music reviews. I’ve been abstaining from listening to the radio for well over two decades; this is not due to sheer snobbery, but more that I’m obsessive about dictating the material that meets my eardrums. Thus, there are certain trends that I get to be an outside observer on… and it also means I enter into most listening   Read More ...

In a world where technology has enabled countless albums to be cut in bedrooms, barrooms and garages across the globe, one could say that there are myriad embers keeping the flames of indie rock flickering. The difficulty is standing out in an industry whose draft-pool is so diffuse. With that said, I sincerely doubt that will be a problem for The Computers.   Don’t let the name fool you; this   Read More ...

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‘Slow’ is the first single taken from Arcane Roots‘ debut album ‘Blood & Chemistry‘ out May 6th.     Check out our review of their preview record “Left Fire”.  

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Blood red Shoes are an alt-rock duo from Brighton England. They’ve recently released their 3rd studio album In Time To Voices in March and have now released a limited edition EP, called “Water”. It will be available on red vinyl and through iTunes on 21 January 2013, but is available for streaming NOW:   For Fans Of: The Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Metric, Queens of the Stone Age   Here’s   Read More ...

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Our Lost Infantry is a 4 piece progressive rock outfit from Surrey England. They’ve just released their self-produced debut album, The New Art History via Deep Elm records.   For Fans Of: Brand New, Arcade Fire, Explosions In The Sky, Grammatics, She Bears   The album is rich with textures from pop-rock to deep instrumental post-rock. They’ve come to stake their claim on the scene and they’ve made plenty of   Read More ...

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Belasco is a London-based trio bringing alt-rock back to the masses— Their 2012 release, Transmuting, is making a major impact for the band and currying some excellent reviews. For more on the album, you can read our recent review. To make a further introduction to the group’s sound, here is a live version of one of their older singles, “Chloroform,” recorded at a show the band performed in Hamburg, Germany.   Read More ...

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  For fans of: Silversun Pickups, Birds of Tokyo, Smashing Pumpkins, 30 Seconds to Mars, Civil Twilight   I, like many of my generation, am a child of the Alternative (a.k.a. Grunge) movement. The emphasis for me was always on the disparity of sounds, the contrast of dynamic between deep and distorted electric riffage and the delicate strum of acoustic guitars. The yin and yang of musical undulation, the true   Read More ...

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Recorded at The House Of Strange by Chris Coulter, here is UK outfit Arcane Roots, performing their single ‘You Are’. Listen to the album ‘Left Fire‘ and read our album review here. http://www.facebook.com/ArcaneRoots/ http://arcaneroots.bandcamp.com/

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