• Jun : 16 : 2017 - SPOTLIGHT: FAR AWAY STABLES – New Album ‘Between Rage and Serenity’
  • May : 31 : 2017 - Eclipses for Eyes – POLARIS Album Review / Video
  • Feb : 4 : 2017 - STARSET – Live Photo Gallery
  • Aug : 19 : 2016 - SILVERSUN PICKUPS – Live Photo Gallery
  • Aug : 12 : 2016 - Spotlight: COLD SUMMER Release ‘Fight To Survive’ EP (Listen & Watch) [Post-Hardcore, Punk Rock]

  Scott here, AmpKicker.com editor, creator, and independent music advocate. I started this website in 2009 (under a previous domain) to practice some web building techniques and to let my friends (and bands) know who I was listening to. Then it turned into a obsession, to find that ‘one band’ that’s going to break into the scene. An eternal search for the band that hit all the right spots and   Read More ...

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The Flips are a dynamic, emotional rock band from Chicago, IL and they’re about to unleash their sophomore album ‘Better Days‘ on November 27th.  It’s no secret that AmpKicker are big fans of these guys (Read our 2013 Interview for the release of ‘A Harm Deep, But Shining’ and that same album snagged the #1 spot on my top albums of 2013)  Blending the tones of Manchester Orchestra, Brand New,   Read More ...

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The Flips are an alt-rock back out of Chicago. They blend sounds from Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, and Silversun Pickups. They absolutely rock and we’re excited to share their new single ‘Better Days‘ from their upcoming album out in later 2015. I had a chance to interview these guys about their debut release back in 2013 – read it here and also featured them as my #1 top album of   Read More ...

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On Leaving & Being Left Behind by Father MountainRating: 8.5/10 For Fans Of: Manchester Orchestra, Balance and Composure   Bio: Originally conceived as a one-off project before members moved on to various non-musical pursuits, Father Mountain came out swinging with the self-released On Leaving and Being Left Behind EP in the fall of 2014. The five track release seems only to scratch the surface of the Kentucky band’s multidimensional sound,   Read More ...

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  The independent scene continues to flourish exponentially as technology improves and record labels become obsolete. 2013 showcased the dedication and passion that still exists for bands to continue to make music regardless of record contracts or fame and money. These guys do it for the music, and spreading the music within themselves to all those that are willing to hear.   Here are my pick for those who carried   Read More ...

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Introducing, THE FLIPS!!   A message from lead singer Nick Sintos:   My name is Nick Sintos. I’m the singer/guitarist/songwriter for this band.  I’m 26 years old, and this music is my life. I have the greatest fortune to have surrounded myself with four of the most talented people I’ve ever met. Together, with our powers combined, like the “Planeteers” but with more v-neck t shirts and skinny jeans, we   Read More ...

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