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Watch Dominic Cifarelli (Scars on Broadway, Pulse Ultra) and company destroy it in The Chronicles of Israfel‘s new video for “In Ruins.” The track comes from their upcoming album Tome II, A Trillion Lights, release date TBA.     Read our interview with Mr. Cifarelli here.   https://www.facebook.com/thechroniclesofisrafel    

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  Official Video for First Single “Life I Know” from the upcoming full length album “A Trillion Lights” by The Chronicles Of Israfel   Dominic Cifarelli Vocals & Guitar Justin Piedimonte Drums Nicholas Moussis Guitar Andrew Wieczorek Keyboards & Vocals Mark Durkee Bass & Backing Vocals   Video Directed by Michael Jacobs   Produced & Mixed by Chad Shlosser Vocals Recorded by Bekki Friesen Additional Recording by Joe Pacheco &   Read More ...

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Chronicles of Israfel just relesased the first official single from the upcoming full length album “A Trillion Lights”   The track features the man behind The Chronicles – Dominic Cifarelli on Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass     We’ve been highly anticipating this album. If you want a little more info on the man behind the music – check out our interview from last February about The Chronicles of   Read More ...

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THE CHRONICLES OF ISRAFEL (feat. guitarist Dominic Cifarelli) have released a new stand-alone single “The Turning Of The Heavens”   The track serves as the continuation of the ‘Chronicle’ and acts as the link that will connect the 2007 release Starborn: Tome I to the upcoming album Tome II: A Trillion Lights out in early 2014.     Justin Piedimonte: Drums. Piano Intro & Outro Written & Performed by Vincent   Read More ...

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Who the f*%k is Dominic Cifarelli? Well lets take a little travel through time. In 1997 guitarist Dominic and bassist Jeff Feldman started a band that would turn into Pulse Ultra. Pulse Ultra then got signed to Atlantic Records in 2000 (thanks in part to Taproot guitarist Mike DeWolf) and released their amazing debut album¬†Headspace in 2002. The album was an ‘underground’ hit and captured a small following of fans   Read More ...

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