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I came across this album while using spotify radio for some related artist and it immediately caught my attention. The roughness and intricacy of the instrumentation, mixed the incredible vocals of singer Kenny Clark Russell stopped me in my tracks and I immediately turned it up to full volume.   BIO: Cromwell first emerged on the music scene in 2005 formed by vocalist Kenny Russell, guitarist Markus Estrada, bassist Scott   Read More ...

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  Well, Kickers, it’s about that time again: the year’s end is drawing neigh, and we get to contemplate the greatness of the music that has made its way to our eager ears this year. Here are the albums that left me enrapt as we rap up 2013! Here’s hoping you enjoyed them as much as I did!!! If not, there’s always Scott’s list. hehe   HEAR THE PLAYLIST ON   Read More ...

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  In the realm of music appreciation, I am certainly not the world’s most ardent concert attendee. I have issues with crowds, and my general misanthropic outlook tends to make me intolerant of most concert goers— not the least of which being the random drunken reprobates that seem to populate the shows I aim for.   With that said, when one is offered the opportunity to see one of your   Read More ...

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Rating: 8/10   A good deal of my musical taste stems from a rather frequent exchange program between myself and my older brother. When we were younger I would steal into his room and make off with a few albums, exerting diligent effort to return them to their proper place when I was finished. As the years progressed and we both began amassing a larger collection (and seeing that our   Read More ...

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  SEVENDUST   FIRST SINGLE, “DECAY,” PREMIERES ONLINE;   NINTH STUDIO ALBUM, “BLACK OUT THE SUN,” DUE OUT MARCH 26;   ADDS MORE TOUR DATES WITH LACUNA COIL AND CO-HEADLINING RUN WITH COAL CHAMBER     January 15, 2013 — Hot on the heels of last week’s Billboard.com premiere of the first single, “Decay,” from their forthcoming album, BLACK OUT THE SUN, SEVENDUST has added a slew of new tour   Read More ...

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Source: abc-pr.com     March 26, 2013 is going to be a very good day for SEVENDUST fans.  That day brings the highly anticipated release of the band’s brand new album, their ninth studio effort, BLACK OUT THE SUN, on their 7Bros. Records label (through Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group).  The first single, “Decay,” will be released to radio and available for download at online retail outlets January 22,   Read More ...

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Sevendust’s  guitarist Clint Lowery and drummer Morgan Rose have debuted another track from their side project Call Me No One.   “Last Parade” is the title track from the new album set for release on June 5, 2012.   Full Tracklist 1. “The World Is Dead” 2. “Thunderbird” 3. “Soapbox” 4. “Hillbilly” 5. “Alls Well” 6. “Biggest Fan” 7. “Please To Meet You” 8. “Broken Record” 9. “War Song” 10.   Read More ...

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Sevendust bandmates Clint Lowery (Guitar/Vocals) and drummer Morgan Rose have teamed up for another rock powerhouse called Call Me No One. With the release of the single ‘Biggest Fan” the Sevendust boys carry on the heavy pounding legacy with Clint’s blistering voice and wicked fretwork mixed with Morgan’s metal drumming. This seems to reflect the heavier Sevendust days but with a touch of it’s own personality.  The song itself seems   Read More ...

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