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There’s no such thing as a ‘casual’ fan of The Mayan Factor. Those who have heard their music have been moved by their music. Since the tragic death of the band’s vocalist Ray (Ray-Ray) Schuler in Feb of 2011 the band has been revitalized by the outpouring of support from the fans. They have released an album in december of2012 and have since found a new vocalist in Lenny Cerzosie   Read More ...

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Hailing from Asheboro, NC the three piece known as KINDLER focus on the creation of lasting moments with their blend of rock, experimental, and progressive songs. The band’s sound is entirely of their own while paying homage to the symphonic ambition in YES, emotional release of ISIS, raw power of Mastodon, rhythmic complexity of TOOL, melodicism of Fair to Midland and Karnivool, and the intensity and tonal experimentation of Opeth.   Read More ...

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THE DEPARTURE by ATMOSPHERES Rating 8.5/10   For Fans Of: Katatonia, Junius, Tool, Tesseract   Two years following the release of their promising self-titled debut, Belgian progressive/post-metal group ATMOSPHERES return with a new album entitled “The Departure”.   The result of two years of meticulous compositional craft and dedication to transcend any stylistic limitations, “The Departure” marks the next evolutionary stage in Atmospheres’ sound, offering an exhilarating, engaging and dynamic   Read More ...

The Basement Sessions EP reveals a band embracing the ethos of analog for the sake of the songs. The UK-based band Monster Jaw explores their dark indie sound in this new release, which is a brief collection of catchy, chunky rock songs. Monster Jaw continues down their path of subtle hooks and pop riffs among the cacophony of their almost-heavy-metal-but-not-quite songwriting, but the rough edges previously removed are allowed to   Read More ...

Watch Dominic Cifarelli (Scars on Broadway, Pulse Ultra) and company destroy it in The Chronicles of Israfel‘s new video for “In Ruins.” The track comes from their upcoming album Tome II, A Trillion Lights, release date TBA.     Read our interview with Mr. Cifarelli here.   https://www.facebook.com/thechroniclesofisrafel    

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Passage Of Gaia by Arctic Sleep If the test of any truly good album lies in how much it demands to be played on repeat, then Milwaukee-based doom merchants Arctic Sleep are onto something pretty special with their latest offering, Passage of Gaia.   Spread out over eight epic, sprawling tracks of somber atmospherics, crunching guitars and heart-stomping rhythms, the band’s sixth studio release is a beautifully brutal tour-de-force that   Read More ...

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  Official Video for First Single “Life I Know” from the upcoming full length album “A Trillion Lights” by The Chronicles Of Israfel   Dominic Cifarelli Vocals & Guitar Justin Piedimonte Drums Nicholas Moussis Guitar Andrew Wieczorek Keyboards & Vocals Mark Durkee Bass & Backing Vocals   Video Directed by Michael Jacobs   Produced & Mixed by Chad Shlosser Vocals Recorded by Bekki Friesen Additional Recording by Joe Pacheco &   Read More ...

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Chronicles of Israfel just relesased the first official single from the upcoming full length album “A Trillion Lights”   The track features the man behind The Chronicles – Dominic Cifarelli on Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass     We’ve been highly anticipating this album. If you want a little more info on the man behind the music – check out our interview from last February about The Chronicles of   Read More ...

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‘Resolve’ is the second single to be taken from Arcane Roots debut album ‘Blood & Chemistry’.       https://www.facebook.com/ArcaneRoots https://twitter.com/arcaneroots   Available from iTunes here   2013 Tour Dates   Oct 31 – Patronaat, Haarlem, Netherlands Nov 1 – L’international, Paris, France Nov 14 – The Kasbah, Coventry, United Kingdom Nov 15 – O2 Academy Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom Nov 16 – Concorde 2, Brighton, United Kingdom Nov 19   Read More ...

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  HELM are a five piece progressive, post-rock/metal from Australia. They are EPIC. This will be their third full length album after a 3 year silence following Vol 1…’Keelhaul’ (2008), Vol 2…’The Winter March’ (2009), and the Great Southern Land EP in 2010. This album finds Helm’s heaviest work to date and it kicks ass.   For Fans Of: Cult of Luna, Katatonia, Intronaut, Karnivool, Junius   I had received   Read More ...

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by Daniel Thorpe   Over the last few years, TesseracT have been slowly stirring up a storm with their unique blend of ‘djent’ and ambient progressive rock. These young British prog-rockers have often been lumped in the djent category with bands such as Periphery, Vildhjarta, and Veil of Maya. With this record they have completely blown away these sorts of lazy comparisons.   For me, TesseracT never really sounded like   Read More ...

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