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Being an independent music site, we are often inundated with email submissions from bands and PR companies alike. As much as we would like to give each and every one as much attention as possible, some may slip through the cracks. We’re launching a ‘Mailbox Monday’ series for those submissions we were not able to personally review. Please check them out!!     The Spinset – Stripped (released 5-10-2013) Location: Melbourne, Australia   Read More ...

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For Fans Of: Explosions In The Sky, HRVRD, Collapse Under The Empire   The Ambient Light is a  post-rock group hailing from San Gabriel Valley,California. Formed in 2012, the band has solidified a tour-de-force of instrumental rock that whisks away your conscious to a whole new level. The slogan of the band could not be more fitting:   The universe is asleep & we are providing the soundtrack for its lucid   Read More ...

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“There are lot of lazy tags placed on instrumental music these days; post-pre-epic-math-dronepop-doomgaze-clownshoes-forfansof etc, etc, etc. I like to think of Cavallo as “train-of-thought” rock. Their sonic collaborations have a heaviness & catchyness, with enough parts and movements to impress with their ability, though it’s the organic way all these ideas flow together and evolve that impresses me. We almost never know how we got from point A to point   Read More ...

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For Fans Of: Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros, Mogwai   Broken Cities is a post rock band out of Oakland, California.  They have release their EP “Parable” in March of 2012 and features a full 5 member band consisting of:   Jason Cros – Guitar, Keyboards Blake Parker – Percussion Jon Abinante – Bass Tony Lowe – Guitar, Bass, Noise Nick Zomkowski – Guitar   Parable is defined as   Read More ...

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http://palmsband.com   Jeff Caxide Aaron Harris Bryant Clifford Meyer Chino Moreno   Entropy is the tendency of all matter to move from a state of order to disorder; the Big Bang scattered stars across the universe, friction turns to flame, ice dissolves into water. But sometimes entropy works in reverse, where destruction brings new beginnings. The Los Angeles heavy, stargazing rock outfit Palms was forged out of an explosive collision   Read More ...

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Pray for Sound is a five-piece instrumental post-rock band started by Bruce Malley in 2011. Hailing from Massachusetts, Pray for Sound originally started as a one-man project; however, after releasing the debut album, Monophonic, Chris, Nick, Joe and Steve were quickly added to the mix to bring the album to the stage.   The name Pray for Sound actually came from a Steven Wilson (of Porcupine Tree) song, “Harmony Korine”   Read More ...

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A Sudden Burst Of Color is a  Post Rock/ Instrumental/ Atmospheric/ Ambient Rock band from Motherwell, Scotland. Composed of Luke Duncan – Guitar, Callum Brand – Guitar. Liam Shaw – Drums, Calum Farquharson – Bass.   They have released their debut EP ‘Reborn‘ on April 5th 2013. AVAILABLE AS A FREE DOWNLOAD  – http://asbocmusic.bandcamp.com/ The 3 track EP is just the tip of the iceberg for these guys. The songs   Read More ...

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Rating: 8/10   Post Rock/Instrumental/Indie powerhouse duo Collapse Under The Empire  reigning from Hamburg, Germany have released another stunning EP entitled The Silent Cry. Chris Burda and Martin Grimm formed the band in 2008 and have solidified a strong following in the post-rock community.   For Fans Of: Mogwai, God Is An Astronaut, Sigur Rós, Explosions In The Sky, 65daysofstatic   This duo has been known to put raw emotion to   Read More ...

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Cloudhopper – the post-rock duo from Montreal have created a hilariously awesome merch commercial:     GET THE MERCH NOW!!!! http://cloudhopper.bigcartel.com   Check out our review/interview with the back regarding their debut EP The Long Goodbye     http://cloudhopperband.bandcamp.com/ http://www.facebook.com/cloudhopperband http://www.youtube.com/cloudhopperband http://www.twitter.com/cloudhopperband    

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Brontide – a type of rumbling noise heard occasionally in some parts of the world, probably caused by seismic activity   Check out a video of this UK instrumental trio rocking out their track “Matador” live in-studio. The track comes from their 2011 release Sans Souci. More videos from this series are set to be released weekly.   FOLLOW BRONTIDE:    

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Long Distance Calling is a prog-rock band from Germany. Known for their previous post-metal instrumental epics, the band has turned a new leaf and added a vocalist to their lineup with The Flood Inside.   Introducing vocalist Marsen Fischer, who recorded voice tracks for three of its eight tracks. Vincent Cavanagh (Anathema) and Petter Carisen have also contributed their vocal skills. Further guests include German blues guitarist Henrik Freischlader, Tuneverse   Read More ...

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