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It’s an exciting time for Ohio’s Miss May I right now. Reuniting with long-time collaborator Joey Sturgis (producer of the band’s first two albums, as well as The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandra and others), the metalcore outfit emerged from the studio earlier this August with their fifth full length LP, Deathless.   A non-stop barrage of demonic vocals, wrathful, breakneck guitars and machine gun drums, the album is equal   Read More ...

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Passage Of Gaia by Arctic Sleep If the test of any truly good album lies in how much it demands to be played on repeat, then Milwaukee-based doom merchants Arctic Sleep are onto something pretty special with their latest offering, Passage of Gaia.   Spread out over eight epic, sprawling tracks of somber atmospherics, crunching guitars and heart-stomping rhythms, the band’s sixth studio release is a beautifully brutal tour-de-force that   Read More ...

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Chronicles of Israfel just relesased the first official single from the upcoming full length album “A Trillion Lights”   The track features the man behind The Chronicles – Dominic Cifarelli on Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass     We’ve been highly anticipating this album. If you want a little more info on the man behind the music – check out our interview from last February about The Chronicles of   Read More ...

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Black Dirty Dirty Water EP by Black Dirty http://blackdirty.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/BlackDirty BLACK DIRTY is an all original four-piece indie band from Southern New Jersey. Just across the bridge is the city of Philadelphia where the band calls home. The band has one goal: to tour and share their music. All support from the sales of the debut EP, Dirty Water, as well as support from show goers will go directly towards   Read More ...

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Pray for Sound is a five-piece instrumental post-rock band started by Bruce Malley in 2011. Hailing from Massachusetts, Pray for Sound originally started as a one-man project; however, after releasing the debut album, Monophonic, Chris, Nick, Joe and Steve were quickly added to the mix to bring the album to the stage.   The name Pray for Sound actually came from a Steven Wilson (of Porcupine Tree) song, “Harmony Korine”   Read More ...

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Rating: 8/10   A good deal of my musical taste stems from a rather frequent exchange program between myself and my older brother. When we were younger I would steal into his room and make off with a few albums, exerting diligent effort to return them to their proper place when I was finished. As the years progressed and we both began amassing a larger collection (and seeing that our   Read More ...

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Brontide – a type of rumbling noise heard occasionally in some parts of the world, probably caused by seismic activity   Check out a video of this UK instrumental trio rocking out their track “Matador” live in-studio. The track comes from their 2011 release Sans Souci. More videos from this series are set to be released weekly.   FOLLOW BRONTIDE:    

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Russia’s Neko Nine was started by Seva Shaposhnikov in 2009. It became a four piece band in December, 2011 to include Andrey Kuznetsov (bass), Roman Veselov (guitar), Aleksandr Danilevsky (drums).   For Fans Of: Maybeshewill, God Is An Astronaut, Caspian, Long Distance Calling   Their debut album The Summer Is You is released in the US on Fluttery Records on December 14th 2012.   Neko Nine’s post-rock / post-metal aesthetics are   Read More ...

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Swedish band Aoria are releasing their new 6 track album The Contant worldwide on October 10th. The band is comprised of singer/guitarist Erik Nilsson of A Swarm of the Sun, Katatonia bassist Niklas Sandin, and October Tide drummer Robin Bergh.   From their press release: During the silent years the band earned a dedicated following through music communities and media. After four years of individual progress with other musical projects,   Read More ...

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Post-Hardcore group Amber hails from Marburg, Germany and consist of 5 friends: Anna – Vocals, Jakob – Drums, Christian – Guitar, Manuel – Guitar, Tobias – Bass.   Their music is very reminiscent of Isis. The female vocals dissuaded me and I feared for my first listen, but was amazed and how well Anna pulled it off. It’s not high-pitched, it’s not whiny, it not some chick trying to growl-   Read More ...

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EXXASENS is a post-rock/post-metal instrumental outfit from Barcelona composed of one man –  Jordi Ruiz.   After releasing his material on Myspace back in 2007, EXXASENS began to get attention and gain quite a following. Since then Exxasens most recent album ‘Eleven Miles’ was voted #9 in Post-rock Listeners’ Choice 2011: BEST RELEASE OF THE YEAR (out of 4000 votes) and can be purchased below. Jordi has met up with   Read More ...

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