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I, The Mighty have released a new lyric video for their new track “Echoes”.   The new album ‘Satori’ is due out June 11, 2013 on Equal Vision Records.       Here is their previous video/single “Speak To Me”   Catch them on tour with Say Anything, Eisley, and HRVRD! Tour dates here.      

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Rating: 8/10   For Fans Of: Flyleaf, The Material, Eclipses for Eyes, 30 Seconds to Mars   Stars in Stereo are: Bec Hollcraft: Lead vocals Jordan McGraw: Guitar Justin Siegel: Bass Ryan “Frogs” McCormack: Guitar Drew Langan: Drums   They have released their debut album on April 9 on the newly formed Hundred Handed Inc. ORDER THE DIGITAL/PHYSICAL/T-SHIRT BUNDLES HERE!   It’s difficult to have a stand out female-fronted pop-rock   Read More ...

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Rating: 8/10   The Material, comprised of Colleen D’Agostino (Vocals), Jon Moreaux (Guitar), Roi Elam (Guitar), Kevin Pintado (Drums) and Jordan Meckley (Bass), has just released their second full-length album, Everything I Want To Say. The record was produced by Kyle Black (Paramore, Pierce The Veil, All Time Low) and created via funding from a successful Indiegogo campaign.   Chances are if you’ve ever played the video game Rock Band   Read More ...

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I’m afraid that my ongoing love affair with 30 Seconds to Mars has come to an end. I was infatuated with this band the first time I heard their debut self-titled album featuring the amazing tracks like “Capricorn (A Brand New Name)” and “Edge of the Earth.” It was a great album and still a must-have on my playlists today.  I adored the band. I’ve met them a few times,   Read More ...

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Los Angeles female fronted rock band The Material debuted a new track off of their upcoming  full-length album Everything I Want To Say out April 9, 2013 (their 4th independent release.) Keep your ears open for these guys.   The opening verse of the track starts out peaceful until the flood of guitar hits, the feel of the track is more ‘rock’ than the upbeat poppy sound that would make   Read More ...

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This may be a product of my age— but when I hear the descriptor, “One-Man Band,” it conjures an image of a gentleman in a carnival-barker’s outfit with cymbals strapped between his knees, a squeeze-box-style accordion in his hands, a harmonica brace and a kick drum strategically placed before him. This certainly isn’t a sexy conception by any stretch.   With that said, the modern-day template for one-man bands is   Read More ...

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For anyone who has had the distinct pleasure of encountering Eclipses for Eyes (and if you haven’t- there’s a three part interview awaiting you here, here and here), it’s obvious that this is a band with identity to spare. These individuals and the group they comprise are animated on-stage and off, boundlessly energetic and musically inventive. Their material is artful, thoughtful, stirring and memorable— and all it takes is an   Read More ...

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Recently we here at AmpKicker were afforded the opportunity to sample the stunning debut record from Albany, New York quintet Stellar Young (if you missed it, feel free to peruse it here). I lauded the album, Everything At Once, as, “a stunning tapestry of styles, moods and influences that will hold you hostage from the moment you hit play.” Furthermore, I proclaimed the band, “one of the best pop-rock acts I’ve heard   Read More ...

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Purchase: CD/Tshirt Bundles The Goodnight – Keep Control   Released: Sep 18th, 2012   Label: Unsigned   Hometown: Los Angeles, CA / Helena, MT   Members: Dan Murphy – Vocals & Guitar Jud Benner – Guitar & Vocals Sam Smetana – Bass Tim Spier – Drums   Follow:   The Goodnight are settling in and making a name for themselves in the pop-rock realm of California. Formerly known as The Goodnight   Read More ...

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The pop-rock genre is one of the most readily slandered genres in the realm of professional music. I believe it is accorded greater rancor by many critics simply because it stands astride the gap between popular music and the edgier, artsy realm of rock. One could even argue that the creation of the, “indie-rock,” label is due in large part to the negative perception of, “corporate rock,” acts and the   Read More ...

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Surfing through social networks to find new music is often a daunting task for most. For me it is a hobby of mine, like an internet treasure-hunter. Imagine my glee when I stuck gold with this gem by The Goodnight.   Originally from a small town in Montana, the band relocated to the music saturated battleground of Los Angeles in 2010 with hopes of staking their claim on the pop-rock   Read More ...

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