• Jun : 16 : 2017 - SPOTLIGHT: FAR AWAY STABLES – New Album ‘Between Rage and Serenity’
  • May : 31 : 2017 - Eclipses for Eyes – POLARIS Album Review / Video
  • Feb : 4 : 2017 - STARSET – Live Photo Gallery
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  • Aug : 12 : 2016 - Spotlight: COLD SUMMER Release ‘Fight To Survive’ EP (Listen & Watch) [Post-Hardcore, Punk Rock]

Rating: 9/10   I discovered these guys from a ‘suggested page’ from a different band that I had recently liked on Facebook. I was intrigued by the name and the imagery and have a pretty good eye and picking stuff I think I would enjoy. Ourfathers was a pleasant surprise and overwhelmingly fulfilling. Hailing from San Fancisco their debut EP ‘Movements‘ is brutally elegant.   I hopped over to their   Read More ...

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On Leaving & Being Left Behind by Father MountainRating: 8.5/10 For Fans Of: Manchester Orchestra, Balance and Composure   Bio: Originally conceived as a one-off project before members moved on to various non-musical pursuits, Father Mountain came out swinging with the self-released On Leaving and Being Left Behind EP in the fall of 2014. The five track release seems only to scratch the surface of the Kentucky band’s multidimensional sound,   Read More ...

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Tacoma, WA powerhouse LO’ THERE DO I SEE MY BROTHER has been a favorite around Ampkicker since their debut ‘With Arms Wide Open, We Fall On Our Swords’  in 2012.(Check out the review here.)   With sounds ranging from bands like Isis, Moving Mountains, Explosions in the Sky, Deftones, these guys have such a great dynamic of huge heavy sounds to somber, deep, light tones. It’s amazing how versatile these   Read More ...

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The Alt-Rockers The Orphan, The Poet from Dayton, Ohio have released a new music video for “Better Than This”.     For Fans Of: Moving Mountains, I, the Mighty, Artifex Pereo       http://twitter.com/totpband http://theorphanthepoet.bandcamp.com http://theorphanthepoet.com http://youtube.com/theorphanthepoet    

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Teraphim by MatterRating: 8/10 For Fans Of: Thrice, Brand New, Defeater, (early) Moving Mountains   We broke ground with MATTER for their first release ‘The Man’ back in 2012. Check out that coverage here. They’ve now grown harder and stronger from the outpouring of support and have unleashed Teraphim on April 29th 2014. It’s what found in their Bio that really told me these guys needs more attention than your   Read More ...

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  The independent scene continues to flourish exponentially as technology improves and record labels become obsolete. 2013 showcased the dedication and passion that still exists for bands to continue to make music regardless of record contracts or fame and money. These guys do it for the music, and spreading the music within themselves to all those that are willing to hear.   Here are my pick for those who carried   Read More ...

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GREATER GHOST is an Alternative/Rock band from Stoke-On-Trent England. (Yes, that’s really a place) and features Jay Hawkins (Vocals, Guitar), Rick Loynes (Vocals, Bass), Rich Ellis (Guitar), Tim Paling (Drums).   They’ve just released their second EP called Polarity, recorded by Kevin Peters in Bristol’s Anemic Studios, and is available everywhere. (FOR FREE AT http://greaterghost.bandcamp.com/)   These guys blend the best pieces of bands like Moving Mountains, Thrice, and Finch   Read More ...

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Moving Mountains new self-titled album – 9/10/13. This will be their third full length release. Their prior album ‘Waves‘ was released May 10, 2011 on Triple Crown Records 1. Swing Set 2. Burn Pile 3. Hands 4. Seasonal 5. Eastern Leaves 6. Hudson 7. Under A Falling Sky 8. Chords 9. Apsides   Design by Sam Kaufman Photography by Elizabeth Torres   Official Site – http://movmou.com/ Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/MovingMountains Twitter   Read More ...

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Ansible, the ambient music side project from Moving Mountains lead Gregory Dunn posted a new track titled “Steinway”. Check it out:     Check out our interview with Mr. Dunn himself here where he talks about the project.

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Hailing from Westchester/Purchase, NY, Moving Mountains have toured around the U.S. and Europe, sharing the stage with bands such at Thursday, Thrice, Caspian, and Coheed & Cambria. They’ve released 3 EP’s and 2 LP’s and are currently in the mixing phase of their third LP.   When I first heard Moving Mountains, it was the song “With One’s Heart In One’s Mouth” from the EP Foreward. The track blew me   Read More ...

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2012 was a great year for music. There were plenty of great albums released and I would encourage you to explore these listed below (and artists similar to them.)   Thanks for listening!     1. Athletics – Who You Are Is Not Enough   Incredible emotion, passion and power flow rich through this album. Must have – and it’s FREE.   Our review here   2. Lo There Do   Read More ...

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