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Matter is a post hardcore, post rock out of Santa Clarita.   To exist and and to be significant, these are the two very distinct yet inseparable definitions of one powerful word: Matter.   The video was made by singer Elijah Kellogg and his friends on a $100 budget.   For Fans of: Thrice, Brand New, Explosions in the Sky, Alexisonfire     The track comes from the album “Teraphim”   Read More ...

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Teraphim by MatterRating: 8/10 For Fans Of: Thrice, Brand New, Defeater, (early) Moving Mountains   We broke ground with MATTER for their first release ‘The Man’ back in 2012. Check out that coverage here. They’ve now grown harder and stronger from the outpouring of support and have unleashed Teraphim on April 29th 2014. It’s what found in their Bio that really told me these guys needs more attention than your   Read More ...

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For Fans Of: Thrice, Brand New, Defeater, Alexisonfire   MATTER have returned to complete their post-hardcore saga with the release of The Man and The Terror on May 14th. This album completes the story of their debut EP The Man (review) that they released November of last year. The Man and The Terror combines the stories and features the 6 songs from The Man EP and 6 new songs (The Terror). It makes for   Read More ...

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For Fans Of: Thrice, Brand New, Defeater, Alexisonfire   Hailing from Santa Clarita, CA, MATTER bursts onto the post-hardcore scene with their debut album The Man.  The bands formation was kept a secret from many of their friends until the band felt that they created something that was worth listening to. Singer Elijah Kellogg explains: We did our best to keep practices and our music on the DL from friends   Read More ...

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Introducing Matter, a post-hardcore band out of Los Angeles fresh on the scene. The band is poised to release their debut album THE MAN, available for download November 13th at www.matterband.com. Consisting of Daniel Griffin – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Elijah Kellogg – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Daniel King – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Josh Marmol – Bass, Backing Vocals, Matt Perry – Drums and citing influences of Thrice, Brand New, Explosions in   Read More ...

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