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Let Me Never Be Complete (EP) by The Hollow The debut EP from The Hollow, the Phoenix-based duo of Shane Hunt and Jon Watkins, could prove to possess a very appropriate title. The album, Let Me Never Be Complete, may well leave you wanting to hear more… and even setting the album on repeat for many spins to come.   The duo began their partnership as simply one guitarist joining   Read More ...

“Ready For Nothing,” the record’s third track, is rooted by rolling toms and crisp, shimmering acoustic guitar tones— yet subtle slides are incorporated surging in and out of the choruses, imbuing the track with a southern-rock tinge. The guitar solos throughout the record are bend oriented, possessing a delayed, soaring quality that is more in-keeping with the work of Warren Haynes than Paul Spatola.   “The Defeatalist,” track four, features   Read More ...

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Arco’s Angel is the newly sprouted side project of  Hurt front-man J. Loren and guitarist Michael Roberts.   The project came about when Roberts’ band, Leo, had broken up and he had been stuck without a musical outlet. Roberts decided to take matters into his own hands and put his solitude into sound and began writing the demos that would become Arco’s Angel.  Roberts approached J. and other singers to   Read More ...

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Well, dear readers, another year is nearly in the books. As we have managed to escape another prophesied apocalypse, I suppose it’s time to focus on the small things- like my annual summation. Here are the albums that really stood out amongst the throng for this year of our lord, 2012. Thank you for sticking with us and taking the time to read our silly contributions to the critical zeitgeist.   Read More ...

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2012 was a great year for music. There were plenty of great albums released and I would encourage you to explore these listed below (and artists similar to them.)   Thanks for listening!     1. Athletics – Who You Are Is Not Enough   Incredible emotion, passion and power flow rich through this album. Must have – and it’s FREE.   Our review here   2. Lo There Do   Read More ...

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Hurt are releasing their 5th studio album in May titled The Crux. For those not familiar, they’re quite easy to identify with songs such as Rapture, Falls Apart and Ten Ton Brick getting regular rotation on rock radio the past few years. Check the video below for their latest single How We End Up Alone.   I sit under a desk lamp at midnight and pair of headphones and press   Read More ...

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Listen to the first 90 seconds of How We End Up Alone, the first single from THE CRUX. The song will be available at all digital retailers (iTunes, Amazon…) on 1/3/12.

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