• Jun : 16 : 2017 - SPOTLIGHT: FAR AWAY STABLES – New Album ‘Between Rage and Serenity’
  • May : 31 : 2017 - Eclipses for Eyes – POLARIS Album Review / Video
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Whitney Peyton is a solo hip hop artist from a small town on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA. She has carved a strong following by performing nationwide with well-known artists including Kid Ink, Big K.R.I.T., DMX, Tech N9ne, RA the Rugged Man, Paul Wall, Hopsin and many more. Peyton has earned a reputation of possessing a very versatile rap style and has received many awards and nominations for her work   Read More ...

FEEKI, aka Alex Ficco, a rapper from Reno, Nevada, has 2,572 followers on Facebook, over a 100 thousand viewers on Youtube and his music has been played a few times on the radio. With songs like Not Alone”, All I Know and Simple Life, Feeki is set out to reach for wide audiences and make his dreams come true. His brand new EP Bipolar is out now for free download.   Read More ...

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Eliquate- A Chalkboard’s War Against Erasers by Mat Weir   “A lot of attention is given to the ‘best of the best’ or the ‘worst of the worst,’ contemplates Elliot Wright, front man and lyricist for Eliquate, about their debut full-length, A Chalkboard’s War Against Erasers (ACWAE) which dropped on August 20th. “But a majority of people don’t fall under either of those categories, so our album is a celebration   Read More ...

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Sage Francis: An Interview with the Personal Journalist on Li(f)e, music, and his appearance at the Santa Cruz Music Festival. By Mat Weir Born in Florida as Paul Francis, Sage cut his teeth on the hip-hop underground, battling emcees in freestyle competitions and performing his poetry at slam events. The thirty-six year old rapper then used his words to carve a name in the outlet of hip-hop as one of   Read More ...

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One of the major benefits of music advocacy is dabbling in genres that aren’t normally your primary listening focus. I’ve truly loved many of the Punk and Thrash submissions we’ve received, as well as Scream-o bands and Art-Rock artists I never would have heard otherwise. However, with this post I’ll be breaking some new ground for AK- but thankfully I’ll be doing so with an individual I’m profoundly familiar with.   Read More ...

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