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Nursing Home   Brooklyn-based alt-rock trio Nursing Home have just released their debut self-titled EP. Clocking in at just 16 minutes, the 4 songs showcase a polished hybrid of modern rock and electronics spiked with Industrial synth distortion and vintage Heavy metal riffs.   The trio, comprised of singer Justin Symbol, guitarist Alessio Casalini and drummer Alexey Artemov, recorded the EP at Quad Studios in Times Square after testing the   Read More ...

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Black Dirty Dirty Water EP by Black Dirty http://blackdirty.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/BlackDirty BLACK DIRTY is an all original four-piece indie band from Southern New Jersey. Just across the bridge is the city of Philadelphia where the band calls home. The band has one goal: to tour and share their music. All support from the sales of the debut EP, Dirty Water, as well as support from show goers will go directly towards   Read More ...

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Tablefox are an Indie-Rock trio from Auckland, New Zealand.   Tablefox hail from the metropolis of Auckland city and formed a musical collaboration over a drink, a kebab and a heated discussion about the best band in the world. Suffice to say none of these three amigos could agree but Clint on bass/vox, Matt on guitar and Graeme on drums formed a musical friendship. This connection gave birth to Tablefox,   Read More ...

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Good day, Kickers!!!   Amazing news from Swear and Shake, a New York quartet self described as a “Folk with Indie Cred.” The group has just released a new single, “Brother,” and to commemorate the joyous event are sharing it with you lovely folks (via we awkward-looking folks) FREE FOR NOTHING!!! All you need to do is click on the image below, and you’ll be magically transported to a realm   Read More ...

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Pray for Sound is a five-piece instrumental post-rock band started by Bruce Malley in 2011. Hailing from Massachusetts, Pray for Sound originally started as a one-man project; however, after releasing the debut album, Monophonic, Chris, Nick, Joe and Steve were quickly added to the mix to bring the album to the stage.   The name Pray for Sound actually came from a Steven Wilson (of Porcupine Tree) song, “Harmony Korine”   Read More ...

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