• Jun : 16 : 2017 - SPOTLIGHT: FAR AWAY STABLES – New Album ‘Between Rage and Serenity’
  • May : 31 : 2017 - Eclipses for Eyes – POLARIS Album Review / Video
  • Feb : 4 : 2017 - STARSET – Live Photo Gallery
  • Aug : 19 : 2016 - SILVERSUN PICKUPS – Live Photo Gallery
  • Aug : 12 : 2016 - Spotlight: COLD SUMMER Release ‘Fight To Survive’ EP (Listen & Watch) [Post-Hardcore, Punk Rock]

There is a commonly held belief that metal music springs from a testosterone-laden well of animus, anger and aggression in the base of the male brain. The genre is certainly geared towards attracting young males, and in the contemporary sense the music most-often emanates from said demographic as well. Granted, the godfathers of the metal movement have aged into their current roles by consistently cranking the volume and stepping on   Read More ...

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Now for the third and final installment of our interview with Phoenix rockers Eclipses for Eyes! You can read part one here, and the second installment here. We hope you’ve enjoyed our conversations thus far- I know we certainly did.   Eclipses for Eyes is:   Lexi Salazar – Vocals Cameron Dartt – Guitar Allen Zettel – Guitar Sam Mitchell – Violin Dustin Yoes – Drums Alex Cardwell – Bass   Read More ...

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There is a definite philosophical phenomena observable over myriad forums of expression, from podcast to documentary films and so on: passion engenders passion. Thus, when one musician gets into a room with another musician for an unfettered conversation about the artform, prolific and effulgent exchanges will ensue. When one musician gets into a room with six other musicians, chaos reigns.   What this roughly translates to is AmpKicker recently sat   Read More ...

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In this entry we continue our conversation with Phoenix sextet Eclipses for Eyes. Part one of the interview can be viewed here. We hope you enjoy! Eclipses for Eyes is:   Lexi Salazar – Vocals Cameron Dartt – Guitar Allen Zettel – Guitar Sam Mitchell – Violin Dustin Yoes – Drums Alex Cardwell – Bass AmpKicker: I’m sure you open yourselves up to comparisons just based on the fact that   Read More ...

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Blood red Shoes are an alt-rock duo from Brighton England. They’ve recently released their 3rd studio album In Time To Voices in March and have now released a limited edition EP, called “Water”. It will be available on red vinyl and through iTunes on 21 January 2013, but is available for streaming NOW:   For Fans Of: The Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Metric, Queens of the Stone Age   Here’s   Read More ...

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Let me start the review of Halocene by saying I really like Halocene’s vocalist, Addie Nicole. Her voice is pure, but powerful. It’s perfectly suited for pop/punk.   Their “Can You Hear Us Now” album starts with “Fragile and the Frail.” After listening to this album through several times, I’m glad they chose this song to start the album off. The chorus is so catchy that it’s almost annoying, and   Read More ...

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She may be a little off the wall, but she does seem a bit more sane than Bjork. Here is Montreal’s Grimes making her American television debut performing ‘Genesis’ on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  It’s mysteriously catchy!     Read our full album review here   Buy Visions here:

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