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Biography: Awake At Last is a hard-hitting, melody driven rock band from the small city of Dover, Delaware. Formed in 2011, Awake At Last continues to tour the east coast with their energetic and charisma filled live show. Having logged several east coast and national tours to date and sharing the stage with acts such as Hawthorne Heights, Framing Hanley, Heartist, Emery, Lions Lions, Glass Cloud, Chasing Safety, Honour Crest,and   Read More ...

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Here we go, weigh in and let us kow which one you think did the better interpretation!     Mad At Gravity (2002)   This track was an unrealeased B-side to the band’s one and only album ‘Resonance’. I loved that album and remember seeing these guys on tour in their day. I think this cover is amazing and they had such a great vocalist.     Enova (2012)     Read More ...

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Rating: 9/10 I was very pleasantly surprised when I came across ENOVA in late 2012 on a local radio station. They didn’t sound like the normal lame radio-rock and after hearing “Separate”, they immediately hooked me in. If you missed it, we did a review and interview of their debut album ‘Counterpart’ back in Jan 2013.   Now, the band has released a new EP called ‘Dark Waters‘ that raises   Read More ...

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LETTERS FROM THE FIRE are a hard rock band out of San Francisco, California. They’ve recently obtained a new singer (None other than ENOVA‘s Elliot Weber) and have recorded a cover of the Beatles classic:     They’re currently in the studio working on a new album. Check out a 3-track teaser –   http://lettersfromthefire.net https://www.facebook.com/LettersFromTheFire/  

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Rate It! In the last few years, I had almost given up on the hard rock scene. It seemed to have lost its luster and became a trough of mediocrity. Airplay and charts became saturated with imitation Buckcherry‘s and 3 Doors Down‘s with bland songwriting and no redeemable value.┬áThe deep opuses like,”The Sex Is Good,” and, “Drink, Drank, Drunk,” just don’t seem to do it for me. Local rock radio   Read More ...

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