• Jun : 16 : 2017 - SPOTLIGHT: FAR AWAY STABLES – New Album ‘Between Rage and Serenity’
  • May : 31 : 2017 - Eclipses for Eyes – POLARIS Album Review / Video
  • Feb : 4 : 2017 - STARSET – Live Photo Gallery
  • Aug : 19 : 2016 - SILVERSUN PICKUPS – Live Photo Gallery
  • Aug : 12 : 2016 - Spotlight: COLD SUMMER Release ‘Fight To Survive’ EP (Listen & Watch) [Post-Hardcore, Punk Rock]

Rating: 9/10   Silver Snakes‘ latest effort finds the band on a darker path than previous albums. The music is cathartic and innovative with heavy, stabbing riffs that crescendo into massive walls of guitars melded with atmospheric ethereal moments. It’s epic and worth your time.   “Saboteur”(Evil Ink Records) finds Estrada and bandmates, bassist Mike Trujillo, guitarist Jeremiah Bignell and drummer Garrett Harney delving further into a darker side of   Read More ...

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On the heels of their recent album announcement, LA rock band Silver Snakes has debuted a new lyric video for their song “Raindance.” The band will release their third studio album, Saboteur, via Evil Ink Records (U.S.) and Pelagic Records (Europe) on February 5th. Fans can pre-order the record now from Evil Ink Records (U.S.) and Pelagic Records (Europe).   For Fans Of: Aeges, Queens of the Stone Age, Torche   Read More ...

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Watch Dominic Cifarelli (Scars on Broadway, Pulse Ultra) and company destroy it in The Chronicles of Israfel‘s new video for “In Ruins.” The track comes from their upcoming album Tome II, A Trillion Lights, release date TBA.     Read our interview with Mr. Cifarelli here.   https://www.facebook.com/thechroniclesofisrafel    

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  Well, Kickers, it’s about that time again: the year’s end is drawing neigh, and we get to contemplate the greatness of the music that has made its way to our eager ears this year. Here are the albums that left me enrapt as we rap up 2013! Here’s hoping you enjoyed them as much as I did!!! If not, there’s always Scott’s list. hehe   HEAR THE PLAYLIST ON   Read More ...

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One of the major benefits of music advocacy is dabbling in genres that aren’t normally your primary listening focus. I’ve truly loved many of the Punk and Thrash submissions we’ve received, as well as Scream-o bands and Art-Rock artists I never would have heard otherwise. However, with this post I’ll be breaking some new ground for AK- but thankfully I’ll be doing so with an individual I’m profoundly familiar with.   Read More ...

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We were recently afforded the opportunity to review Session 606’s most recent EP, Martyr Dispatch (which we did here), and were instantly impressed by its (to quote myself), “splendid blend of progressive and synth-rock elements coupled with intoxicating melodies and poignant lyrics.” In fact, I was intrigued enough that I decided to have a little chat with the man behind Session, Anthony Masington, to get further insight into the music   Read More ...

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For fans of the Davenport Cabinet, if you have yet to see Travis and company perform yet you are missing out. Here’s a clip of an acoustic rendition of their tune, “Drown It All,” from their most recent release, Our Machine. It’s phenomenal, and certainly shows a different facet of Travis’ skill-set then we see with the standard Coheed fare.   If you’re unfamiliar with Davenport Cabinet, we have some   Read More ...

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Greetings, Kickers! This is the maiden voyage of a new vessel in the AK fleet; it’s a column intended to reassert some amazing music into the spotlight that, either via circumstance or myopia, we didn’t quite apprise you of upon its initial release. This new feature will be entitled, “In Case You Missed It.”   Our first entry is in honor of the EP Martyr Dispatch from prog-rock up-and-comer Session   Read More ...

It is a very rare occurrence when one is afforded the opportunity to correspond with one of their heroes. Luckily, for me these events are beginning to occur with startling regularity. To wit, I was recently gifted the pleasure of interviewing one of my all-time favorite guitarists, who is rapidly evolving into one of my apex songwriters as well. Travis Stever, amongst other things, is the guitarist for a little-known   Read More ...

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There are myriad reasons Coheed & Cambria is one of my favorite bands: not the least of which is the fact that the group is virtually brimming with artistry. A prime example is the considerable quantity of material that flows out of the group… and not always with the Coheed branding attached. The group’s lead vocalist Claudio Sanchez is well publicized as a prolific writer for crafting comic books, a   Read More ...

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Having explored many vast and expansive sagas in cinema and literature, it became apparent to me that the most engrossing stories seem fraught with loss, agony, personal perils and strife. The darkest tales seem the most intriguing to the human intellect— the unexplored corners of the universe or our own psyches the most compelling. The same, I believe, is true of musical material. This certainly became more apparent to me upon   Read More ...

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