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AmpKicker is a music site for the ‘other guys’. The opening bands, the unsigned artists, the laptop-producers, and the underdogs. The ones that you won’t come across on the news-stands, or hear on the radio. These are the bands that fight for it. That work from their basements and beg for shows and make music for the sake of music. Ampkicker is a site about the passion, ingenuity, progression of music.

AmpKicker was founded in 2009 by Scott Ruggles as a small little blog to tell his friends about the music he was listening to. Those friends told their friends and Scott evolved the site into what you see now, managing the design, content, and layout. With a little help from his friends Scott hopes to capture the niche of those who support music they believe in, regardless of popular trends or exposure.

Scott Ruggles

Scott Ruggles – Founder/Admin

scott [at] ampkicker.com

Guitar player, bass player, Scott grew up in Cleveland and attended as many rock concerts as possible during his youth. Always staying after to meet the band, Scott rarely left a show without something signed. Scott was part of many ‘street-teams’ and was always equipped with materials to hand out after shows he had attended for up-and-coming bands. During that time he reveled in the the appreciation he received from the musicians and Scott loved to be part of that scene.

Scott now lives in Phoenix where he had met his musical companion Shane while working at a record store in 2003. Together Shane and Scott created a laptop-produced rock band known as Would-Be Savior. Releasing one EP, they then went on hiatus, only to reform many years later in 2010 for a live band called Amory Avenue. Amory Avenue played local shows in the Phoenix area for about a year until coming to an end in 2011. Scott now works on recording his own solo material in his free time.

Always keeping his ears open, Scott feeds on music that resonates with him and has made that passion into what Ampkicker is now.

Scott’s Top 10 Albums of 2011
Scott’s Top 10 Albums of 2012
Scott’s Top 20 Albums of 2013
Scott’s Top Albums of 2014
Scott’s Top Albums of 2015

Scott’s recorded works: http://soundcloud.com/thedrawingboard

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