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Exactly Where I Should Be” out November 30!

We’re big fans of The Flips here at Ampkicker, and we’re sure glad to help spread the word and announce their new EP!

In the years since their iconic Better Days record, the group has shown growth, not just as artists and as bandmates, something The Flips have noticed among themselves.
“I guess just learning to not take everything so seriously [has been a milestone for us]. That comes with being in a band for so long, but also just getting older in general. There’s less pressure to be this super successful band. It’s still about putting in the work, but [also taking] in all the little accomplishments and really holding those closely. I might not be able to do this for a living right now, but we’re still doing things we wouldn’t have been doing five years ago,” says Sintos.

– from Profile: The Flips

The new EP is now available to pre-order on Bandcamp! Pre-orders include an immediate download of our new single “The Point,” with the rest of the album sent directly to your inbox when it’s released.

The five members of The Flips are known for crafting deeply personal songs driven by introspective lyrics and densely layered instrumentals. “Better Days,” the band’s sophomore LP, examined lead singer Nick Sintos’ experience with mental illness, from diagnosis to therapy and treatment, and the reality of living with mental health issues afterward. The dark, honest stories were supported with a heavy, fuzzy guitar-driven sound. The reception to this effort has led to appearances at some of Chicago’s most venerable venues, including The Metro and multiple appearances at The House of Blues.
Never ones to remain idle, The Flips are continuously writing new music and performing in Chicago and across the Midwest. Recently releasing a self-produced split EP with Chicago-based rock band Pelafina, The Flips were inspired to take a more hands-on approach to the recording process of their newest EP. “Exactly Where I Should Be” expands on the band’s intimate lyrical style and layered approach to recording. The first single, “The Point” combines their undeniably melodic approach with their penchant for titanic guitar sounds and lush vocal harmonies.


Following the release of their new EP, The Flips plan to return to what they do best: connecting with audiences at home and elsewhere by leaving their hearts on stage at every show.

Hear an acoustic version of another new song of the EP ‘What’s the Plan’



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