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Since their formation in 2013, the Detroit-based band has quickly garnered a global fan base with their potent mixture of aggressive rock, electronic arrangements, and seamless melodic elements. Throughout the month of November, the band’s video for “Crossroads” will be broadcast in-store at 1700 Journeys retail stores. That clip, which premiered via the band’s hometown major daily newspaper the Detroit Free Press has been viewed 300,000 times. The video for I Prevail’s cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” has now been streamed 16.9 million times on YouTube. To date, the single has sold well in excess of 250,000 copies, while the band’s EP Heart vs Mind is approaching 50,000 cumulative sales. The band has been continually in the top ten of Spotify’s weekly chart of the most viral tracks across the planet.

New Single “Scars” Available Now:


Could you give a quick overview of how the band formed?
I think we’re kind of a new a age story. Brian and I were the first to meet. We met through this music networking site. We just grabbed a beer and talked direction. We started writing together almost instantly and it just worked. We met Eric through a friend of a friend and found Lee doing drum covers on YouTube.
What made you guys want to start a band?
Music was just a big part of all of our lives growing up. For me personally, my dad was a guitar player. He started teaching me how to play when I was about 12 or 13. I saw the way he loved bands like the Beatles, Stones and Zeppelin, and that made me want to go out and find my own music I could feel that way about.
You guys announced that you will be releasing a new album sometime in 2016, how will this album be different than the Heart vs. Mind Ep?
I think we stayed true to our core sound but really just matured as song-writers. The choruses are bigger, the heavy parts are heavier and we found a really focused message for the album. We threw some curveballs in as well. I can say that if you liked the EP, you’re gonna love the album. If you’ve never heard of us, give it a shot. It’s a diverse group of songs with something for everyone.

Are you guys excited to play your first headlining tour?
This is actually our third headliner now, but we’re more excited than ever. We take pride in the show we put on. A lot of thought goes into the flow of the show and the visuals. It’s gonna be great to get back on the road, we’ve been locked in the studio for the past six months.
What are fan favorite songs when you guys play live?
I think Heart vs Mind, Face your Demons and Love, Lust and Liars are a few of the favorites. We always see a ton of energy in the room to those songs live.
When not on tour, what do you do outside of the band?
Well, for the last two years we haven’t had much free time. We’ve been putting everything we have into growing and developing our band. But outside of that I like spending time with my fiancee and cat. I’m an information junkie so I’m always reading or listening to podcasts. I tend to love anything science or philosophy related. I know, pretty boring stuff right!
Out of all the tours you guys have done, what are your top 3?
Well being a new band we’ve only been on four total tours, so I’ll give you my favorite. We supported Hollywood Undead last fall. That was definitely my favorite tour. Almost all the shows sold out and the bands were really cool. Just seeing how guys at that level carry themselves was huge for us. Not to mention the crowds were massive. We really were able to come into our own as performers.
Who will be producing your new album?
The album is completely produced at this point. It was done by BJ Perry and John Pregler. These our guys we are super close with from Michigan. They produced our EP and we really wanted to build on the chemistry we created initially. Great guys with a ton of talent.
Can you tell the fans about what you will be doing after the upcoming tour?
We have some fall touring plans in the works but can’t say anything yet. It’s gonna be big time though. Can’t wait to break the news.
Lastly what would you like to tell new fans and readers?
It’s gonna be a really fun year with a new album and a ton of touring. Come out to a show and get rowdy with us this summer!


Thanks Guys!


New Single Available Now:

Coming Soon!

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