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Whether you’re familiar with the namesake Jawbreaker song or not, you need to get familiar with the one-man acoustic act Seethruskin. Consisting of 18 year old Dane York and his sticker-clad guitar, raw emotion reminiscent of past folk-punk eras pour out into his songs. Being compared to bands and acts like Pat the Bunny, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Homeless Gospel Choir has equipped Seethruskin to successfully carry the torch that has been passed on to him. Desolate, Desolate, Desolate/Skate Forever is an emotional roller coaster that I’m so glad that I climbed on to.


I’m not going to lie; throughout my first complete listen to Desolate/Skate, I got mad, I cried, and I hated people that I didn’t even know. Seethruskin’s imagery on this EP is unbelievable, and his ability to make the listener experience what he was feeling as he composed the album is amazing. It feels like Seethruskin can literally sink into the deepest regions of my mind to say exactly what I’m feeling when I myself can’t even explain it, and music hasn’t made me feel like that in quite a while. Although La Dispute may be the unanimous kings of conveying personal experiences, situations, and feelings, Seethruskin is coming to knock them off of their pedestal.


While every song on Desolate/Skate is a whirlwind of emotions, meant to take the listener to one of Seethruskin’s darkest corners of life, they’re all incredibly unique. One of the most unique things about the tracks on this EP, though, is that even if you haven’t been through exactly what Seethruskin has, you relate- you relate on a level that is unreal. Even though Seethruskin may have written The Freezers about the feeling of not being good enough and the fear and reality of letting people that he loved down, for example, the listener can interpret his lyrics as being about a loved one they had to leave behind, or a tragedy that has plagued their life. There’s no “this is how this is, that can’t be like that” on this EP- and it works.
All things considered, you’re going to want to check Seethruskin out. Whether it be for the genuine, emotion-filled vocals, thought-provoking lyrics, or the simplicity of his voice paired with the fearless strum of his guitar, you’re making a mistake if you let Seethruskin pass you by.
ESSENTIAL SONG: Blake Schwarzenbach, You’re My Hero
BANDCAMP: https://seethruskinwv.bandcamp.com
FACEBOOK: https://m.facebook.com/Seethruskin-1735202890041393/
TUMBLR:  http://seethruskin-band.tumblr.com

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