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Bio: NIGHT ARGENT is an electrifying anthemic rock band that combines the infectious melodies of a Top-40 Pop act with the high-energy live performance of a well-traveled rock powerhouse. Chase Manhattan (lead vocals), Jeff Stachofsky (guitar), Shane Santanna (keys), Evan Taylor (bass), and Zac Burrell (drums) are the five individuals who give Night Argent their truly dynamic, breakthrough sound.
Where did you guys get the name Night Argent from?
We got the name Night Argent mostly because our studio, where we rehearse and record, is located on Argent Road. For a while, it seemed like we were only able to all be free to rehearse later in the evenings, so Night Argent just kind of seem to fit.
How was your experience playing SXSW with X Ambassadors last year? What do you think will be your highlight of playing it this year?
Playing with X Ambassadors last year was pretty unreal. A couple of us had already been listening to them for a while, since before they even had the “X” in their name. So seeing them live was surreal, and we are hoping to cross paths again very soon. This year was new because we had to bounce around from venue to venue on the same day and we felt like we got the real SXSW experience. Nothing like a whole mass of people cramming into smaller venues to hear the band’s they love.
Can you name some of your favorite influences?
The list of influences for us as a band could go on forever, but the heavy hitters would have to be Imagine Dragons, Awolnation, Mutemath, & the X Ambassadors.
When are you guys going to be releasing the Self titled EP?
Our self titled EP will be coming out April 22nd, along with the official music video for our song “Widowmaker”, which we’re filming right now!
What inspired you guys to write “Kamikaze” ?
“Kamikaze” is about the unpredictable nature of love and its limitless potential for chaos and destruction. Most people have a preconceived notion of the word “Kamikaze,” due to its use in war and popular culture, but when translated it actually means “divine wind,” something awe-inspiring in its beauty and power. We set out to capture that feeling while writing that song.


What theme do you guys want to capture from the EP?
When we set out to write and record our debut EP, we didn’t have a specific theme or message in mind, we really just wanted to create music that represented who we are as a band and write songs that would resonate with people from all walks of life. We spent the better part of a year touring around the U.S. playing the songs for as many people as we could, and as we experienced those moments, we were really able to feel the energy and response from the crowds. It became a huge influence on how the songs came to life in the studio. We were able to take those unique moments that would happen spontaneously on stage and incorporate them into the finished songs that you’ll hear on the record.

You guys self produced the EP, but later this year you will be working with John Feldmann. How did you get in touch with John Feldmann?
We actually ended up winning the national Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands contest last year, and one of our prizes was a chance to go down to LA and record an EP with Feldmann. We are so excited for this opportunity and is one of the things we are looking forward to most in our near future. That man is a legend!
What is the music scene like in Washington?
Everybody knows Washington has a great music scene, however we are not from where most people probably think. We live in an up-and-coming area known as the Tri-Cities, and you get a little of everything here. We feel like our area is just waiting to burst out into the scene with a lot of projects we’ve been seeing pop up around us at home.
What was it like partnering with Red Bull?
Red Bull is great at everything they do and the fact they were willing to work with us to premiere our music video for “Nothing More Beautiful” was unforgettable!


When you guys don’t play festivals and are not on tour, what do you do in your free time?
When we aren’t out on the road or busy here at home doing stuff for Night Argent, you could probably find us doing just about anything. With five guys you get a lot of differences in hobbies. One thing we all enjoy is longboarding, we our boards on tour with us and everywhere we go as a band since it easy to explore new areas that way. We also get down on some gaming, I don’t think anyone of us would be shy about that. We also try to stay in shape, and around where we live there are plenty of desert trails or parks to get a run in.

What artists would you want to go on a dream tour with?
If we could book a dream tour it would probably have to be with Imagine Dragons and Coldplay, imagine the size of that show…
Describe each member with one adjective.
Chase is diligent, Shane is witty, Zac is humorous, Jeff is honest, Evan is dynamic

What can you say about the EP that will make it stand out from all the other recordings that you have done?
This EP by far has had more time put into it then anything we have done so far. We ended up touring and playing these songs for a while before finalizing a lot of the recordings, and we even revisited some songs after finding new influences from playing them in a live setting. So if anything, we feel like this is our first solid chance to really brand ourselves all at once, combining about three to four years of work into one EP.

Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans and future listeners?
To all of our fans and future listeners, We would be nothing without you guys and you really keep us going. Traveling around and playing shows is only fun because of one reason, other people show up at the same time and place to have good time together. Thank you so much for the support, and we look forwarded to meeting you guys at the next show!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NightArgent/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/night_argent
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nightargent/
Website: http://www.nightargentofficial.com

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