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Bad Luck Prodigy is an alternative rock trio out of Houston, TX.
The guys were kind enough to sit down with us to answer some questions about the band and their upcoming EP.
When did BLP form
Nick: In the start of our freshan year of high school, so around fall 2010, I started up a jazz club and got really frustrated with the guys I was jamming with, so I called up my best buddy Phillip and we started Bad Luck Prodigy.
Phillip: We had friends come and go throughout the years as members of the band, but at the end of the day this band is me, Nick, and Christian, but we call him Princess.
Why did you delete the other songs?
Phillip: That EP wasn’t us at all. It was 2 completely different bands. Nick wrote and sang half the songs and I wrote and sang the other half. In our new EP Enlightenment, we write and sing every song together with Princess. We kept Loner and Burning Daylight up because we didn’t want to eliminate the entire record, those were our 2 favorite songs.
Did you guys feel the need to change from a more punk sounding band to a more modern alternative?
Nick: I wouldn’t say we felt the need to change from punk to modern, but we definitely needed a balance. We grew up listening to a lot of 90’s punk but we are in the 2010’s now, so we gotta be kinda hip and fresh. Plus we listen to a lot of hip hop, so that element in our music really helps us sound like we aren’t a 90’s cover band.
Who are your favorite artists?
Nick: Green Day is my top of all time. Billie Joe Armstrong inspired me when I was like 8 to play guitar and sing. Then I’d have to say the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I love their grooves and Flea gets me going, man. Really into hip hop too, I love Bryson Tiller, Kendrick Lamar, and Fetty Wap, oh I love me some Fetty!
Phillip: I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers as well, Frusciante inspired me to pick up a guitar. Also, The Black Keys, Jack White, the Arctic Monkeys, and Cage the Elephant have been a big influence on me. Can’t forget about Hendrix too!
Christian: I love Blink 182, Travis Barker is my biggest influence ever because I love hip hop and punk and mixing those styles into my drumming. Green Day is big for me too, but in general I just like bands with dynamic drummers!
Who would you want to tour with if you had a chance?
Phillip: Twenty One Pilots and the Chili Peppers just because their shows are so energetic and its just good vibes everywhere,
What inspired you guys to write “From Paris to California”?
Nick: Well the Paris and San Bernardino attacks just happened, and the media was in this total chaos, and people were going at each other because of race, culture, and religion. There was just this obvious separation and we wanted to write a song calling out any government, authority, or people who encourage separation. It’s not fine.

How was it like working with Michael Allmon?
Phillip: He’s a fun guy to work with, he’s absolutely genius. He really cared about the project, it wasn’t just here’s the money let’s do this. We actually sat down for hours just talking about the issue and how we wanted to visually protest all of this nonsense. And he likes to make fun of me for some reason!
Nick: He’s a 12 year old in a 20 something year old body. We aren’t exactly the best mannered and behaved guys so it was cool to have a director who would be in on the jokes and shenanigans too. If anyone needs photoshoots, wedding videos, or music videos check out Allmon Brothers Media!
Can you talk about it?
Nick: Definitely, that was the whole point! This is something that needs to be talked about, the separation has to stop. We are all humans regardless of color, culture, or religion. Not trying to sound like we just came out of Woodstock, but real talk, we all need to stay together.
Who produced the EP and how was it working with him?
Phillip: We worked with JR Paredes of Satellite Music Group. Hands down best producer! He spends so much time on us and our music, we couldn’t work with anyone else. He’s brilliant, graduated from Rice University and built his studio from the bottom. Much love to him, he also composed the orchestral arrangements in “From Paris to California” and the title track of the new EP. Overall, JR is the man.
When are you playing shows again?
Nick: We are actually playing the Satellite Stage on May 21st with Overtone. We’re in the works of putting together a small houston tour this summer. More info coming soon!
Will You play out of state again?
Christian: Not for awhile, we’re just worried about our Houston fans. Texas first, then we’ll start expanding out.
What are goals for 2016?
Nick: We have our new EP “Enlightenment” dropping this month, we are working on setting up a lot of shows around Houston during the summer.
Phillip: We have lot more music coming, we’ve been writing and recording non-stop so our main focus is just to have more material.
Christian: More videos too!
Thanks guys!!



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