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Phoenix, Arizona band Damn the Weather just released a new single entitles ‘Poltergeist’ which you can listen to below.
Bio: A fusion of four separate bands (Houston in the Blind, A Dead Belief, The Skeleton Keys & The Hollow), Damn the Weather! is a group that is charmingly schizophrenic. Their style shifts like tectonic plates, creating an ever-evolving sound that is nearly impossible to pigeon-hole. Featuring three separate songwriters with three distinct voices, the band is an auditory amalgam and visual mélange, making them an attraction in every sense of the word.
For Fans of: City and Colour, Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s, The Dear Hunter

Lead singer Shane Hunt took some time to share with us the creative process that spawned the song, as well as the direction of the band. Here’s what he has to say-
Poltergeist is a peculiar composition. It originated from an evening of my sitting alone in my darkened bedroom noodling on an acoustic while my cat intensely stared at an upper corner of the room. I assumed she was honing in on a bug, or the like – so I dismissed any relevance to her attentiveness. However, she repeatedly left the bed and then returned to the same spot, and began making noises (which was out of character for this particular feline). So I flipped on the light, and akin to the lack of a reveal of the demon character in Insidious – there was nothing in the corner. No pests to be found. So I began a conversation with my cat wherein I assumed she was tracking some sort of paranormal activity in the room… and in a very Stephen King way, concocted a tale wherein the previous resident of my condo had been dispatched in the room.
I began to contemplate the activities that occurred in that room in particular that the ghost would then be privy to, and the thought was a bit entertaining and yet wholly unnerving. That was the germination of the lines in the chorus of, “ I’ve been sleeping with ghosts / Take what you want if that’s what you need…” Later the lyrical content morphed more toward the idea of being haunted by your past relationships to the extent that you can’t move on – that you have to surrender a portion of yourself to that time and place in order to become who you want to be moving forward. A piece of you dies when someone leaves (or you leave), and you have to fill that void – you have to become someone else in a certain regard. Thus, the climax of, “Take what you want and just let me leave,” speaks to the idea of littering your past with pieces of your soul, and the growth that subsequently occurs as we evolve.
The song initially was a very soft and somber in tone – and sounded more like an Iron & Wine composition. That said, once I started fiddling with the idea of presenting it to the band the tone shifted drastically. I pitched the chords down, removing the capo and playing the same notes in a lower scale – and gradually the tone darkened. Then it became a bit more raucous, and with Jon adding his haunting bends throughout and Sam’s iconic violin hook causing the parts to congeal– the song became an entirely different animal. The first thought I had when I heard Asher’s beat was that it evoked the intro drums of Alice in Chains’, “No Excuses,” which instantly enthralled me… so this song has had multiple metamorphoses to get it into the space it currently inhabits.
Once we hit the studio with Dan Parker, the focus shifted again. We merged lines from the bridge into the chorus, we slid hooks around – and Dan recommended we do something tonally similar to The 1975. That altered our approach a bit, and resulted in that infectious muted guitar hook Jon does in the intro and some of my punchy, staccato rhythm parts. There are many little inspired moments like that which originated in the studio – so the track took on a whole new life during that process. I’m really thrilled with the results, and that’s owed to everyone involved – from Dan’s vision, Jon and Sam finding space to add atmospheric elements, Mike driving the song with that monstrous bass tone, and Asher just being a beast on the kit. I adore this rendition. It made me fall in love with the track all over again.
I think that it’s a single that is certainly indicative of where we’re headed as we prep for the concept EP’s that we’re formulating at the moment. We have a much better handle on how to orchestrate our compositions – utilize dynamic and hooks in a way that allows the song to breathe and doesn’t just drown your eardrums. Overall, it makes me excited for what’s on the horizon – because we are growing more and more ambitious about our future releases, flirting with multiple genres, and becoming artistically schizophrenic. We won’t be married to any one style moving forward, which will hopefully diversify our audience allure as well. There will eventually be an album that begins with a flamenco beat, later ceding to polyrhythmic space rock, and ultimately morphing into a punk anthem to close… so we aren’t exactly working off a template.
For those interested in hearing these new songs, we’ll debut the first 11 tunes from the concept as a full-band at the Spirit Room in Jerome, AZ on 4/16 from 9pm-Midnight. Swing on by, catch Poltergeist live, and stick around to hear where we’ll be headed (sonically) in the future!
Thanks Shane!

Listen to their previous single ‘Speechless’ here –



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