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Anchors & Alibis are a distinctive new rock band originating in Birmingham, UK. After supporting the likes of Dorje and playing various shows around their local scene, Anchors & Alibis are growing strong, in terms of both performance and sounds, combining their intimate clean vocals with their heavy rock vibe.


Where does the name Anchors and Alibis originate from?
The band name was a name that was thrown around in a previous band, not actually sure what the original meaning or story was, but it’s catchy and we liked it so it just stuck.
Where/how did you all meet? How long have you known each other?
The band met through a college course, two members in the first year, two members in the second year. James C joined as the bassist and recommended a couple of other people to join, which formed the current lineup.
Are there any major influences that may not completely come through in your music?
Jason is a big fan of reggae, jazz, funk, he probably has the most diverse music taste of us all, James W listens to a lot of solo guitarists, which definitely doesn’t influence our music as it is purely lead guitar based. We tend to just write what sounds good, combining all of our influences together to create something unique.
What are your immediate music career goals?

Record music, play shows, get signed (hopefully).
What is the music scene like in Birmingham?
The music scene here in Birmingham has a balance of different genres. There’s a lot of metalcore, pop punk, alternative etc, plenty to keep the local scene interesting.
Are you guys currently writing/recording new music?
We are working on writing new material at the moment, about to finish our debut EP, including our newest single ‘Patience’.Our  previous music was always rushed, and we didn’t work on it as much as we should have. Working with our current producer (Tom Gittins of Monochrome Productions), has been incredibly beneficial to us as a band, we sat down and properly analysed each of our songs, the sound is a lot more mature and musically articulate.
What is a challenge that you had to overcome as a band that people who aren’t in a band may not know about?
Just about everything, most things will go wrong, being in a band is like permanently falling over and trying to balance
Do you have favorite instrument and/or equipment brands? If so, why are they your favorite?
James W -I like a lot of different brands of guitars, amps and pedals, amps wise I love Orange and Marshall, my favourite guitar brand has to be Fender, especially the strat!
James C – Sansamp Bass Driver DI pedal, ’nuff said.
Callum – My favourite guitars are Gibson and may ones, amps will have to be orange and black star.
Jason – Mapex drums, evans heads, meinl cymbals, mapex hardware, vic firth 5a sticks.
Are there any current plans for a tour in the near future?
For the moment we are trying to grow a local audience, so sticking to our area, but hope to branch out soon.
If you could pick 2 other bands to headline a U.S. tour with, who would you pick and why?
Deftones and Brand New would be amazing! We have similarities to both, and we enjoy their music.
Are there any bands that you think we should be keeping an eye on?
Years Young, and TrueHeights! Both awesome bands who love nothing but playing music.
What is your favorite musical memory?
We headlined a venue in Stratford Upon-Avon which had refused live music for years due to a number of reasons, we bought it back to life and packed it out for one more night, we then supported Dorje a week later, playing to a packed out venue!
What advice can you give aspiring musicians?
Strive to be original, and don’t give up, anything is possible, you just have to make it happen!


What’s your go-to snack after playing an intense show?
Either kebabs or McDonalds!
If you had to give up music, what would you do to keep your creativity alive?

Sit in a corner, rocking backwards and forwards, music is what we love, we don’t have much to do without it, haha.
What’s your guilty-pleasure song?

In friends we trust’ by ‘Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!’ (James C).

James Cohu: Bass

James Whitehouse: Vocals/Guitar

Callum Marshall: Guitar

Jason Gumbley: Drums
FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/anchorsandalibis/

WEBSITE: http://anchorsandalibis.co.uk

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsdqUUzKh13uJaAbZUYg6pQ

INSTAGRAM: @anchorsandalibisuk



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