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Whitney Peyton is a solo hip hop artist from a small town on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA. She has carved a strong following by performing nationwide with well-known artists including Kid Ink, Big K.R.I.T., DMX, Tech N9ne, RA the Rugged Man, Paul Wall, Hopsin and many more. Peyton has earned a reputation of possessing a very versatile rap style and has received many awards and nominations for her work as a recording artist. She took home a total of four wins at the 13th, 14th, and 15th annual Lehigh Valley Music Awards for categories such as “Best Hip Hop Performance”, “Outstanding Spoken Word Artist”, and “Best Urban Artist”. In 2014 Peyton received a Tri-State Indie Music Award for “Emerging Indie Hip-Hop Artist of the Year”
Whitney was extremely kind enough to let us interview her about her career:
AK: How did you start off as a solo hip hop artist in Philadelphia?
WP:Well I was born as one person so that definitely helped with the “Solo” part! I started out doing spoken word poetry and then it evolved into rapping. 🙂
What artist did you look up to when you were growing up?
Eve, Lisa-left-eye of TLC, Missy Elliott, Eminem…. all of the greats!
Did your agency ask you to remake Woopty Woo Woo, or was it by your own choice?
No one tells me what to do! I was nervous at first because I knew fans appreciate the original so I was hoping they would take to the rock one just as well and fortunately they have! I’m glad because I love it a lot too 🙂
How was it like working with Zack Hansen from TWA?
Zack is the man! All the guys that made cameos were amazing. I’m lucky to have their support.
How is the Break The Frame tour going so far?
It was awesome. It’s so crazy to be headlining my own tours.
How did you meet Supreem Da Rezarekta?
He is also a Philly artist! It’s easy to hear about anybody making a name for themselves in the area. He is dope!
Can you give some details about the single It’s All Good?
I wanted to make a “feel good” cruising track as opposed to many darker tracks I’ve released in the past. I’m very proud of how it turned out.

What are your plans after the tour?
There’s life after tour? I’m touring well into next year! So the answer is tour.. then tour.. and tour again.
What tour has been your favorite?
I can’t choose a favorite since they are all completely different experiences. I have some wild memories to keep with me forever.
You’ve done charitable work, are you working with any charity organization this year?
Not currently, but I’d love to start one of my own charities some day!
Supreem Da Rezarekta will be going head to head with Stitches soon, who do you think will win?
Supreem! Team Underdog all day.
How would you describe your new album?
If MGK, Paramore, Missy Elliott, and Eminem had a love child… that was dropped on it’s head.
What was different when you were writing this album compared to the last records?
I am certainly growing as an artist. I think I get deep with this one! It blows my old work out of the water.
What would be your ultimate dream tour?
Some sort of powerhouse female tour. Maybe Halsey, Die Antwoord, Adele. Something like that!
Lastly, what would you like to accomplish in 2016?
Same thing we do every year Pinky…. try to take over the world 🙂
Thank you (:!!!
– Whitney Peyton

Whitney on Wikipedia
Twitter @WhitneyPeyton


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