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Formed in South Africa, the band relocated to London under the name What Now, and enjoyed a great run of success, touring the UK and Europe relentlessly with the likes of Young Guns, The Xcerts and Anberlin. The band caught the attention of Kerrang, Rock Sound and many other media outlets, and even had a track used on an episode of CSI New York. In 2014 the band set about writing and recording new material, which resulted in a more refined, mature and powerful sound, prompting the band to think about who they want to be and how they want to be perceived. The decision was made to form a new band with a name that matched the evolved epic sound: New Volume. New Volume immediately caught the ears of US label Sumerian Records, who snapped them up immediately, and plan to release the band’s debut album in 2016.
The new single, ‘Back To Blood’, can be purchased via iTunes (listen below). Check out their new video for ‘One Touch‘ here:

The guys were nice enough to do an interview with us. Here’s what they had to say about the upcoming album and other interests:
Was your move from South Africa to the UK strictly about trying to make it in the music industry? Where there any apprehensions? How has that move impacted your songwriting and influences?
ADAM: ‘Yes, we felt that the U.K was synonymous with great music and the bands that we loved, so instinctively we pursued the idea of progress by leaving what we knew to grow musically. We were definitely apprehensive in the beginning as it was all very new but understood it was where we needed to be to be better at what we loved to do. Living in London is an influence all on its own, add that with all the thousands of musicians trying to make it pushes you to be better. The touring bands that are doing Europe, London is the last on the list, its where they are at there best and have something to prove. Just being able to walk down the road an watch a band of international quality makes you want to improve on everything you do.’ RYAN: ‘’Pretty much, we needed to get out of South Africa as it is a very small country, far away from anything. Look, it has got a lot better but in 2005 it seemed liked the right thing to do. We were pretty positive and optimistic but we soon realised how hard it was, there were so many other bands and venues. As far as songwriting goes, we definitely got introduced to a lot more music in the UK, much more than we would have been exposed to in SA. We listen to such a wide array of bands now and it has definitely matured our sound.’
What has been the biggest struggle you’ve had to overcome being a musician?
TYRON: ‘I’d probably say the biggest challenge for us, or any musician is the current state of the industry. There is no set path to success. We constantly try to move full steam ahead but there are always challenges, especially if you are an unknown band. BUT the trick is to stay focused, be creative and use the modern industry to your advantage.’
What is the emotion/meaning behind the title and song ‘One Touch’?
RYAN: ‘It’s an intimate song, expressing the motions of sex basically. It’s the mood and excitement one will go though with someone they like/love’
What other surprises or moods can we expect on the debut album?
TYRON: ‘There are definitely a few surprises on the album that I can’t wait for people to hear. No song is the same and the theme will have different moods and meanings for each listener. It’s dark at times but also very uplifting.’
If your new debut album were to be made into a movie, what kind of themes or scenes might it portray?
TYRON: ‘I’d say it would soundtrack any cult classic movie. It’s got old-school bassy synths to compliment a ‘Drive’ type movie and string sections that would make your mum weep.’
RYAN: ‘A love making scene, a gang fight scene and a breakup-make-up airport scene’
ADAM: ‘I think we have established that some where along the lines there has to be a raunchy sex scene. I envision the location to be based in a town some where in American west. Possibly two main characters, male and female roles who live for the thrill of the chase and have a problem with authority. They have to own some beaten up muscle car in which to rob a bank because they could never hold down an normal job. Spend most there time on the run living out of motels. The plot however is yet to be determined…’
Any current plans to tour in the US?
ADAM: ‘Its been a dream of ours for as long as we can remember and the plan is to make that a reality this year.’
What else can we expect from New Volume in 2016?
RYAN: ‘More singles, more videos, release of our debut album and a shit load of touring’
TYRON: ‘Well the album will finally be out, we are gonna be on the road a lot and we are already writing for the next album.’
Who are your biggest musical influences?
TYRON:’ Honestly…anything that has been written and performed well. Lately, I like a lot of female fronted bands like ‘Halsey’, ‘Chvrches’ and ‘PVRIS’. They’re all amazing singers so I guess it’s a little bit of vocal envy.’ RYAN: ‘’So many at different stages in my life, I went from rap groups to bands like Aerosmith/Bryan Adams and then finally to punk bands like Green Day and Blink 182. These days I listen to everything, if it’s a good song I’m on it’
What is your first musical memory? (first album bought, first band you got into, stuff your parents played for you)
ADAM: ‘We had a massive wooden kist growing up and inside stored like treasure were my dads records and family photo albums. I used to lay out all the albums on the floor and play the records this big stainless steal stereo that was always kept in immaculate condition inside a polished glass cabinet. There was a smell to the vinyl and album sleeves that seemed to add weight to the history of the music being played. It was an escape for me and like I was the first to discover something great. The Beach Boys records stood out for me as it had such imagery in the lyrics and just sounded like the happiest thing I ever heard. Queen used to get me dancing as a baby and I honestly think it was my real first connection I had with music that I can remember. When I was about 5 when Michael Jackson released Bad and I think confirmed for me how awesome music was.’ RYAN: ‘My first memory was getting a MC Hammer cassette tape, that was the catalyst’

TYRON: Elvis and The Beachboys. My mum had the biggest crush on Elvis and she would always play his songs. She bought me a little guitar and I would run around pretending to be Elvis and break dance on the floor with it. The first band I got into was Bryan Adams and the first album I bought was The Offspring – Smash Mouth.
Favorite Books/Authors/Movies/Actors?
RYAN: ‘Favourite book is ‘Scar Tissue’ by Anthony Kiedis, I love a good rock autobiography, also Nikki Sixx’s ‘Heroin Diaries’. My favourite actor is definitely Christopher Walken and my favourite movie is Titanic, judge all you want;)’
TYRON: ‘I’m not a big book worm so I won’t pretend to have a favourite book or author. If I had to pick a favourite movie I would say the original ‘Oliver Twist’ and favourite actor would be Paul Rudd…he’s a funny dude. I am also really obsessed with the TV show ‘Friends’…I watch it all the time still.’
Favorite things to do NOT musically related:
TYRON: ‘Outside of music, I like to ride my bike around the city and explore new places, hanging out with family and friends and just enjoy some chill time. ‘
RYAN: ‘’Love partying, surfing when I can, fashion and working out.’
ADAM: ‘Always up for a road trip and some good coffee with camera in toe. Love taking photos and exploring new places and how the camera always makes you really look at something so many different ways.’
Shout out: What are some other bands people should be keeping an eye on?
RYAN: ‘Don Broco.. Rad UK pop rock band, also LANY .. Go check them out!’’ TYRON: ‘If you haven’t heard Halsey‘s ‘Badlands’ album you should definitely check it out. There is also a UK band called ‘Coasts‘ who are new and sound really awesome.’



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