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Rating: 8.5/10


Back Pocket Memory have returned with a new album “Victory and Empire” released Novenber 13th 2015. I had been a fan of the band since i came across their 2011 track ‘All We Have’ from some Pandora station and have following them since. I’m super excited that these guys are still kicking and rocking it out with high quality melodies and songwriting. Victory & Empire see growth in the band’s maturity and songwriting ability. This is an amazing rock record with a bit of a pop influence. From the Jimmy Eat World’s to the (early) Fall Out Boy these guys are striking the vein of polished rock that can have you headbanging or dancing at the same time.
The opening track “Whisper” kicks off the record with swelling distorted guitar and driving drum beat that hard-wire the electricity of the band straight through your ears.
The album continues to the album’s single “Rob The Young”, a strong track but I feel not the best track from the album. “Fallen Tree” hits a high note with the vocal melodies and range of singer Chris Pennington, a solid track which shows the depth of the band.
The closing track “Unsaid” unleashes a fury of pounding drums, swirling vocals, and one hell of a guitar solo to close out the album, leaving you want a cigarette and another go.
Victory & Empire is the ultimate versatile album for any occasion. It’s solid, furious and well-mannered all at the same time and absolutely rocks!

Key Tracks: Whisper, Fallen Tree, Unsaid
Here’s what the band said about the new album in our past interview:

Chris (Vocals) – I know this is going to sound cliche but, I feel like this new record displays our maturity as people & as song writers. Victory & Empire deals with a lot more self awareness than in any of our other records. This record is not so quick to point the finger at something or someone. Along with that personal self awareness we wanted to be aware of what we were doing musically. We really made sure that everyone in the band was going to be happy with V&E, we needed open communication. No stone left unturned so to speak.
Ian (Guitar) – I feel like this album is more raw and honest than our previous efforts. It’s the purest distillation of who we are as a band.
Eddie (Guitar) – To me this album feels like the most personal thing we have done since our album Strangers. We really put a lot of ourselves and the places we have gone personally into this album. The result feels more genuine, because it is. There were no overarching desires to have this album “do something” from a commercial or viral standpoint, we weren’t trying to be part of a scene or genre; If you asked BPM to sit down and write an album, this is the album you would get.


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