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The Flips are a dynamic, emotional rock band from Chicago, IL and they’re about to unleash their sophomore album ‘Better Days‘ on November 27th.  It’s no secret that AmpKicker are big fans of these guys (Read our 2013 Interview for the release of ‘A Harm Deep, But Shining’ and that same album snagged the #1 spot on my top albums of 2013)  Blending the tones of Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, and Silversun Pickups these guys are one to keep an eye on for any rock fan.
Check out their brand new track “Down In Waves” here –

At the top of “Down in Waves,” The Flips’ Nick Sintos asks: “Where’d you get your darkness from?” That sentiment is central to The Flips’ sophomore album, Better Days, and it’s one they examine carefully over the course of ten searing tracks.


Better Days, the Chicago quintet’s impressive step up from their debut album A Harm Deep But Shining, comes with some unhappy subtext. “Half the album was written while I was learning about my mental illness, and half was written after my suicide attempt,” Sintos explains. As he recovered from that attempt, the main theme of Better Days crystallized: “It’s mostly about mental illness, and trying to live with it. Dealing with it, staying optimistic about the future, trying to get better.”


To that end, he’s assembled a deep bench of talent to back him. Bassist Maccabee Kelem is the band’s most recent recruit, who nonetheless shines like he’s always belonged. Guitarist Dustin Martin fills the album with counterpoints to Sintos’ meditations, while keyboardist Annette Nowacki provides backing vocals that perfectly shadow his own. And drummer Mike Carlson, a founding Flips member, positions himself as the immoveable object against which his bandmates’ irresistible force can rage.


And rage they do. The Flips have opted for a direct approach to Better Days, stripping away every obstacle between you and their exposed nerves.



Also listen to their title track ‘Better Days’ from the upcoming album.



The Flips


Their debut “A Harm Deep But Shining” is out NOW! Get it on iTunes: http://goo.gl/XwvMHU & Amazon: http://goo.gl/nMVWRi
The Flips Official Website

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