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Rating: 9/10

DEARIST is an rock band out of Wolverhampton, UK. I caught wind of them from a little band called Kyoto Drive which I became of fan of when they were around. I followed them through the split/hiatus and one day an email landed in my inbox from vocalist Adam Binder, introducing me to his new project Dearist. They had a couple of tracks posted in late 2013 early 2014, both of which have since been removed. They had more of a JimmyEatWorld/Copeland/Mae feel to them. But at the time, once I heard those tracks, I caught a glipse of what they were working on and was super excited about it.
Now with the release of ‘This House Has No Windows‘ on 10/23/2015 the guys hit a little bit harder than the earlier tracks, drawing comparisons to Balance and Composure, Thursday, and Brand New, which is certainly deserved. This hard-hitting debut album delivers the itch to that hard-to-reach post-hardcore/post-punk scratch. They exercise the perfect dynamic of the edgy angst-ridden sound without sounding dated or mimicking. They’ve carved a niche in this genre with blunt objects and calloused hands and they’ll kick your ass if you assume otherwise.
This is a great debut and will definitely find a comfortable spot on my top albums of the year.






Dearist 2015 new

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