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Los Angeles rockers BACK POCKET MEMORY have resurfaced and recently release a new single called ‘Rob the Young’ off of their new LP ‘Victory & Empire’ coming Fall 2015. We’ve covered them a bit back in 2012 and we’re more than excited to hear some new music.
I got a chance to interview the band about their new single and upcoming album:

What was your first musical memory/concert/or album that you remember?
Chris – my first musical recollection was seeing Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit music video on MTV. I was probably 4 or 5. I just remember thinking that that was so cool, anytime that song or video would play I’d want to jump around like the guys on the screen.

Rob – My mom tells me that she took me to see Grease at the Pickwick drive-in when I was only one and I was dancing in my car seat, but I don’t really remember that. I do remember picking out my first record. It was the single of Van Halen’s Jump.

Eddie – I remember listening to the phantom of the opera soundtrack a lot as kid because my mom was obsessed with it.

Ian – according to my parents, I used to parade around the house singing ’76 Trombones’ from The Music Man. I also saw Raffi at the Hollywood Bowl when I was really young.

Jason – The first real concert I ever went to was Incubus at the Gibson Amphitheater, which I believe is now closed. I paid a scalper extra to upgrade to the 1st row and do not regret that decision.
What was the first cover song that you guys remember playing live? (In this band or in any other band?)
Chris – Eddie & I learned how to play Dashboard Confessional’s Hands Down right before bpm formed. We would play it with our acoustics for friends & what not, I guess that counts

Rob – The first cover song I played live was when I was in high school in the Blues Birds. We opened our show with Good Times Bad Times by Led Zeppelin. What better song song to open with than the first track off the first Led Zeppelin album?

Ian – The first cover I remember playing was with a band I was in with Rob, called Function. (Jason was in it but this was before that). At my first live show ever we opened up with the Munsters theme song since it was Halloween.

Eddie – I truthfully couldn’t tell you what the first cover we did live. Was it Led Zeppelin?

Jason – The first cover I ever played live in front of people was in my first band Function, which Ian and Rob were also in. We played Circles by Incubus at a show at the Whiskey and played it entirely too fast.
How much has your creative process and execution of the songs changed since writing your debut?
Chris – I feel like we’re a lot more focused. We don’t just shove random parts into songs like we used to just to “finish” songs. One thing has remained true throughout the years that it’s better if 1 or 2 of us present a blueprint for a song to the rest of the guys. If we all try to write at the same time it ends up becoming a classic too many cooks situation.

Rob – I think in the beginning a lot of the time we kind of strung parts together. They were great parts but not necessarily parts that should have fit together to make a big picture. We are definitely writing “songs” now.

Ian – We’ve managed to mature as people and be more open to other styles, as well as embrace each other’s strengths even more than before.

What kinda of message is the new single ‘Rob The Young’ meant to send?
Listen Here –

Chris – ‘Rob the Young’ isn’t about a personal event really, but rather a story about two people finding each other at the most inopportune time. It’s a song about enjoying the mistakes you made when you thought you know what you were doing.
How do the moods and emotions of this new album differ from past albums?
Chris – I know this is going to sound cliche but, I feel like this new record displays our maturity as people & as song writers. Victory & Empire deals with a lot more self awareness than in any of our other records. This record is not so quick to point the finger at something or someone. Along with that personal self awareness we wanted to be aware of what we were doing musically. We really made sure that everyone in the band was going to be happy with V&E, we needed open communication. No stone left unturned so to speak.
Ian – I feel like this album is more raw and honest than our previous efforts. It’s the purest distillation of who we are as a band.
Eddie – To me this album feels like the most personal thing we have done since our album Strangers. We really put a lot of ourselves and the places we have gone personally into this album. The result feels more genuine, because it is. There were no overarching desires to have this album “do something” from a commercial or viral standpoint, we weren’t trying to be part of a scene or genre; If you asked BPM to sit down and write an album, this is the album you would get.
How did the track ‘Respiration is a Daunting Task’ come about and how did it come to end up on the Speed Racer soundtrack?
Chris – ‘Respiration’ was about me telling a girl I loved that she didn’t have to go anywhere, that I was here and I loved her. We had a rough relationship at times but, I was convinced (This is me at age 17-18, mind you..) that she was the ONE. She ended up staying with whatever guy & it didn’t sit well with me. That was so long ago though, in hindsight I’m 100% sure it was for the best.

Eddie – Racer X was a huge fan of ours and demanded we be on the soundtrack.

Ian – Eddie is close, essentially a good pal of ours, Comedian Dino Mike, reached out and asked us to be on the album.
Who are your musical idols? and do you think the music they produce have an influence on how you write songs?
Chris – We have a lot of different musical influences, but we share a great deal of them too, mainly Foo Fighters, Incubus, Cohered and Cambria, and Silverchair. For me personally, while all these have had a huge impact on me, I’ve also always been inspired by Jeff Buckely, Coldplay, Keane, and Dredg.

Jason – The answer to this question seems to change about every half decade, but Led Zeppelin has always been up there for me. I have always been inspired by the virtuosity, the grooves and the different styles of music they could blend but still have that Zeppelin vibe.

Ian – Lately I’ve been really going through an old blues phase again. So much emotion and feel with such limited resources. I grew up listening to all that stuff, and it shines through in my writing. As much as I’ll pull things apart and over analyze — my gut feeling always wins over in the end. When it works, you know in your bones.

Eddie – Listen to Say Anything, Bayside, and Coheed and Cambria and you’ll see/hear just how much I steal from them

Rob – I have a million but lately it’s been the Foo Fighters. They work extremely hard which I really admire. They are wrapping up their world tour playing sold out shows. They aren’t like other artists that get famous and then lazy and play for 45 minutes.You don’t get the diva attitude that goes along with fame normally. They go out on stage and play for hours with a highly captivating energy. There is never a dull moment with barely any time between songs. I got to go to Dave Grohl’s birthday show at the Forum in January and he didn’t leave the stage during the whole 3 hours. With their new album, Sonic Highways, and previously, Sound City, Grohl does entire documentaries on the whole recording process as well as the history behind the music produced in each studio they recorded in. Both were incredibly inspiring to me and have definitely impacted the way I look at things.
If you could change lives with another band for 30 days, what band would you choose
We all would trade places with the Foo Fighters, except Eddie — he’d choose Paramore. So it’d be the Foos with Hayley Williams on guitar for 30 days. Sounds great!
What are some of your favorite books/movies?
Chris – The Harry Potter books and movies.
Eddie – Jurassic Park, World War Z, Dumb and Dumber
Ian – I’ve always loved Tolkien, and just started Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.
Rob – I loved reading the Hobbit. I’ve always loved Westerns as well. Mostly the Clint Eastwood “Man with no Name” Trilogy. He just such a Bad-Ass yet still Good.
Jason – I honestly don’t read much anymore unless it’s news or The Drummers Journal and have never really been much of a movie guy. I can tell you that one of the most enjoyable video games I have ever played was Assassins Creed Black Flag.
Do you have a close relationship with other local bands? What other independent/unsigned bands do you think people should be listening to?
We are super close with so many bands (local or otherwise) and have made some lifelong friends playing music. In no particular order, here are some:
Bristol to Memory
Life As Lions
Vagrant Fancy
The Sound of Ghosts
5th and Birmingham
Attic Empire
Rival Tides
Beta State
I The Mighty
Hail the Sun
Awaken the Empire
Thanks so much guys! We look forward to hearing more from Back Pocket Memory soon!




INSTAGRAM: @bckpcktmmry




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