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buried in veronaBetween the break-ups, the line-up changes, the internal struggles and the external pressures, saying that it’s been a turbulent time for metalcore favourites Buried in Verona is like saying their native Australia is a big country.
Understatements of the century aside, it hasn’t all been adversity and hardship for the band, who returned this summer with their first collection of new material since 2014’s Faceless.
Channelling all the lingering resentment and unresolved issues since that last release into a series of brutally brilliant metalcore anthems, the appropriately titled Vultures Above, Lions Below sees Buried in Verona back on the same kind of top form they’re currently displaying whilst out on tour.
Talking exclusively to Ampkicker, the band’s lead vocalist, Brett Anderson sat down with us to discuss the past, the present and the future of Buried in Verona.
Some bands take years between putting out new albums, yet you’re here with Vultures Above, Lions Below only a year after the release of Faceless. What prompted such a fast turn around between albums? How much of it was down to regrouping quickly and making your mark with a new line up after the events of the previous year?

This was purely due to the internal shit storm that was BIV. We parted ways for a while after touring Faceless as we were about to end the band but didn’t want to make any decisions while we were down so we parted ways for a while to get our lives -both personal and band related on the right track.
We decided that we were going to have a meeting in a few months after parting ways and we said lets just write if you want to bring it to the table at the meeting and see what there is, if no one has anything then that’s a good sign we have lost the spark and we should not continue. The meeting came and surprisingly everyone had gone nuts with writing new material and the majority of it was amazing so we said we can’t let this shit be the end of our band, let’s do one more and if so end the band on a high note. So we did, and haven’t looked back since.

Speaking of the new line up. With Mark, Brandon and James now firmly in the Buried in Verona fold, how have you all settled in to working together?
It’s been awesome, they have brought a new fresh positive energy to the band and really lifted spirits; it’s the first time all of BIV have been on the same page with goals and just on a personality level. We’ve never been a stronger band.

With new members on board, how much of a departure from your previous albums should long-time fans expect from Vultures…?

There is definitely a change but then again every record we do changes, we never really write the same record twice so I don’t think it will be a jump for most people.
There is a glimpse of every album vibe-wise on this new record which might even tempt the older fans of SNS back to the BIV family.

If you had to pick just one track that sums up the new album, say as a way to introduce the band to those who aren’t yet familiar with you, which track would it be?
I’d have to say Hurricane, I love that song so much and it’s very close to the heart. It’s also super fun to play so we can’t wait to let it go on stage.

Richie has been quoted as saying that Vultures… is ‘The most honest representation of who we are as people.’ What does the album say about each of you individually and Buried in Verona as a group?
I think it’s just a really honest album musically and lyrically; there was no pressure on us, and no restrictions so it came out really organically. I think we just finally found ourselves musically because we have never been happier with a record ever and we know we put our whole hearts into making this record.

The press material from your label that accompanies this new album talks about those who’ve deceived you, and ‘a world that spat [Buried in Verona] out.’ Is it fair to say the vultures and lions in the album’s title are in reference to those you’ve come up against during your time as a band?

Yes definitely. It’s been a hard couple of years for us and it wasn’t far off that BIV would have ended if it wasn’t for everyone’s passion coming back at that pivotal moment. This whole album reflects on the fact we turned a massive negative into a glowing positive and I’m so glad we did turn it around. Now to hit the road hard and earn back the fans we lost and hopefully welcome a lot more into the family.

Now that the album is out and the new line-up is settled, where do Buried in Verona go from here?

Tour, tour, tour, tour, and then tour. We can’t wait to play this record live, this is why we started in the first place and it feels like we are starting again so there is no better place for us than on tour.

What kind of long-term goals do the band still hope to achieve? Is there anything on your musical bucket list you’ve still yet to do?
Our goals are the same as any band, we would love to live off music and make it our job. I could not think of a better life to live than touring and growing as a band.
Everyone would love to hit the ‘big time’ but I’d settle if we could just get by and maybe even support a family. I would be happy with that.

We love discovering great new bands at Ampkicker. Who are some of your current favourites? Anyone you’d recommend we check out?
Stories are a must to check out!

You’re often classed as a metalcore band. How much would you say that’s an accurate representation of what you’re about?
I guess we fit that description in some small ways but especially the new record i think it’s more headed into a blend of a few different styles.
I’d actually love random people to hear the new record and hear where they would put us in terms of categories or genres.

And finally, what’s the one thing even hardcore Buried in Verona fans don’t know about the band? Any big secrets, upcoming projects you can reveal to us?
They probably don’t know that with all the shit we went through and all the times we nearly couldn’t handle it, we would play a show and be re-blown away by their support, them screaming lyrics with me and the band basically held us together for the last 2 years and I’d like to thank them for that. We are back and stronger than ever and it will show in every way especially live as we plan to take this band to the next level.


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