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ValiseValise is an indie rock band out of Dallas. They released their debut Full-length ‘Young Bloomer‘ on February 24th.
For Fans Of: Copeland, Circa Survive, Death Cab for Cute
I had come across these guys a long time ago when I first heard their 2011 debut ‘Dreamcatcher EP’ and was mezmerized by the subdued power of the rhythm and the melodic falsettos of singer Vince Penick. (The 4 track EP doesn’t seem to be available anymore but try to get your hands on it if you can.) I had meant to do a review and cover it because I was so blown away with it, but life happened and it got away from me. Then I caught up with them again when ‘Young Bloomer’ came out and I absorbed that in my headphones and was revitalized once more.
Valise’s ‘Young Bloomer‘ is quite the transitive experience. The album glistens with moody soundscapes of chill beats, harmonizing vocal effects and moments of pulsing power. As if transported to a futuristic land of swirling colors these guys make it incredibly easy for you to ‘experience’ the music rather than just listen to it. They fall far from the cluster of pretentious neon-sunglass-wearing synth-pop-rock acts and pull a raw flood of organic sounds with humble efficiency.
Charlie Gray‘ is the lead single from the album and getting an awful lot of buzz –

Followed by ‘Don’t Forget Me‘. The hidden gem of the album, after seeing the live show, is ‘Airport Pt II’ (listen and you’ll hear why).
While they’re making a name for themselves around Texas, these guys are poised for a takeover. If you haven’t given them a listen, I highly encourage you to do so.
Then one day my good friend (and previous AmpKicker co-writer) Shane Hunt posts a flyer that his band – Damn The Weather – is going to be opening for Valise on their Arizona date and I was beyond thrilled.
Seeing these guys perform live is quite the experience. The mellow-chill feel of the album is peeled away and the rawness and the energy comes flowing out. There were more than one instance of getting chills listening to these guys and the moment of complete immersion came at the finale when they played an amazing rumbling and soaring rendition of ‘Airport Pt II‘. After the show there were praises exchanged at the merch booth as people, fresh their first exposure to the band, came to grab a CD and a shirt, swearing to tell their friends.
Charlie Gray
Don’t Forget Me
Strange Light
Twisted Up
Airport p1&2



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