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Finger Eleven hold a special place in my music upbringing. Their debut album ‘Tip’ (1998) and ‘Greyest of Blue Skies’ (2000) are 2 of my favorite albums of all time. With that being said, the Finger Eleven in 2015 is much more grown up and elaborate than the band that had released those albums nearly 20 years ago.
With the release of “Five Crooked Lines” we see the band continuing on their trend to push the boundaries and evolve through a metamorphosis that makes then keep the listener engaged with the unexpected.
“I think we’ve always gone against the current,” guitarist James Black says, “or at least against where we’re ‘logically’ expected to go next. Because we’re all open minded enough to just go for it, we go for it. With Five Crooked Lines I think we went far enough out there to be able to look back and say ‘Fuck it.’ We love big guitar, big beat, loud as fuck rock and roll music. We know how to do this kind of music. Let’s own it.”
“When we started the band, we just wanted to blow everyone away with force and power and MAKE them take notice of us,” says guitarist James Black. “We wanted this record to be that same kind of punch in the face. On our past couple albums, we’ve taken full advantage of the ‘studio.’ We’ve had songs with hundreds of tracks, some with forty tracks of guitar alone. This time, we wanted to keep the songs so raw they sounded like they do in the rehearsal room.”
The opening track “Gods of Speed” breaks down the doors of the album with a destructive driving guitar
My favorite track it the seven-minute opus, “Come On, Oblivion,” a transcendent ebb-and-flow mélange of trippy acoustic and electric instrumentation that’s as reminiscent of early The Verve as it is of Pink Floyd.
Blackout Song” songs like the new party anthem of the summer. With the chorus Let’s stay up all night and we’ll sing fuck everything we never tried and a bit of a poppy feel like that of Everclear.
Another highlight of the album is the groove in ‘Lost for Words‘ entrances you in. As as avid fan it does feel like a stripped down song compared to the majority of their catalog. I love the acoustic overtones and being the second longest track on the album there’s plenty to absorb.

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/FiveCrookedLines
*album artwork by Matt Stawicki

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