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Awake At LastBiography: Awake At Last is a hard-hitting, melody driven rock band from the small city of Dover, Delaware. Formed in 2011, Awake At Last continues to tour the east coast with their energetic and charisma filled live show. Having logged several east coast and national tours to date and sharing the stage with acts such as Hawthorne Heights, Framing Hanley, Heartist, Emery, Lions Lions, Glass Cloud, Chasing Safety, Honour Crest,and Life On Repeat, the band places a strong emphasis on an explosive live show and building a following through continued touring. Awake At Last continues to tour playing shows in support of their 2014 EP release “King Of The World”, which is their most innovative EP to date.

After listening to the EP and being blown away. I was glad that they reached out to me regarding their music. The EP has all the right hits in all the right places and it also happens to have a ‘Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something’ kinda vibe which is really cool. I got the opportunity to interview Awake At Last front man Vincent Torres:

Awake at Last is band founded in bleeding positivity. The songs not only rock your bones, but spread messages of motivation and personal strength. Do you tend to write more songs when you’re feeling pessimistic and stuck in life’s struggles?

I feel like a lot of the times struggles and obstacles can make for good songs but at the same time I’d like to think that if you’ve struggled with certain things but you were able to overcome them than you can put that message out there and give them a reason to fight through instead of something that makes them think about those struggles. Being Positive isn’t always easy to do but it can be extremely powerful and rewarding.
What song in your catalog holds the most emotional weight to you? Do those emotions re-surface when you perform the song live?
Living Legacy is probably my most emotional song. It was written about the journey and all of the sacrifices involved. I always perform with as much emotion as I can live but there have been times where I’d stop singing and the crowd would sing that song back to me and that was truly amazing.
What’s the message behind ‘Living Legacy’ and why was that song chosen to be recorded as an acoustic version?
Living Legacy has more meaning to me now than it even did when I first wrote it. I wrote it to battle self doubt and reflect on everything that had been going on in my life at that time, but as more life events surfaced it sort of felt like I’d predicted how the journey would unfold. “She said she had to go away she’s leaving me behind” became much more personal and about a specific situation. We decided to do an acoustic song and we wanted to show a different side of our music. We wanted to show a less hard rock more pure side and I knew that I could put the most emotions into that song as an acoustic song because of how much it means to me.
The “King of the World” video does a great job showing the inner turmoil that everyone faces and standing up to those who try to defeat you. How does the lyrics of that song play into your daily life of facing your fears and conquering doubts?
King of the World is very much an anthem for us. Being a band from Delaware we’ve faced all sorts of diversities and obstacles, but we always battled through the hard times. I understand that if you have a goal and you work hard toward it than there is nothing stopping you from achieving it. I know that all artists are their own worst critics and that everyone possesses a degree of doubt but in so many ways that doubt and that fear is what slows us down. King of the World Embodies standing up and looking at the big picture and conquering a world of your own creation and in doing that you can protect the ones you love and find a deeper meaning in everything. If your dream isn’t worth fighting for than you won’t appreciate it as much when you finally achieve it.
What’s one thing that you have a unwavering conviction about?
I truly believe that positivity and belief in something will always bring it into existence. I feel there is a lot of doom and gloom in the world, and that we all need to reach toward something beautiful. I want to elevate our friends and fans to believe in themselves as much as they believe in us and I want them to understand that the universe is meant to be abundant you just have to fight through the fears and doubts in order to reap the reward.
Besides being on stage or playing music, when was the last time (activities, hobbies, or experiences, passions) that you felt ‘Awake at Last’?
Awake at Last has become such an organic thing that it seems to resurface in my life in everything I do. I like to draw, and write stories and it’s funny how my lyrics and messages tend to always show up. Being Awake At Last meant finally understanding that we know what it is we want to do with our lives and in that sense I’ve been Awake ever since it began.
Awake at Last and one other band are the final survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Which band or bands might you choose? Why?
There are a lot of bands that we’ve played with who I’d like to survive a zombie apocalypse with. We’ve made a lot of friends and have had the opportunity to meet some amazing individuals. I feel like we’d do well with our friends in Hour 24 because we have some friends in that band who go above and beyond the norm to achieve their goals as well so that determination would be important. Plus one of the members lives on a deer farm and has survival skills necessary. I feel like we’d find strength in each other and it’d be a good team.
What are some of your favorite books/movies?
Not gonna lie I’m a pretty big fan of Harry Potter, but I also like anything written by Neil Gaiman, or Hunter S Thompson. I really love movies that express beauty in darkness as well. I love the Anne Rice Vampire chronicles, Fight Club is probably one of my all time favorites as well as The Crow, HOOK, and Nightmare before Christmas. I’m not really able to write down everything but off the top of my head I’d say these are some of my favorites.
What are some other independent bands that you think people should listen to?
I think that there are way too many independent bands that deserve to be listened to, and I can’t name them all, but I really like Icarus The Owl, Conditions, Racing On The Sun, Hour 24, Burn The Ballroom, the list goes on and on.
Thank you so much for the interview guys!! Hope to see you on the road and I can’t wait to see what’s next for the band!
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/awake.at.last

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