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plague-cover-largeThere comes a time in the career of any long-tenured band when an inevitable crossroads no longer lingers on the horizon like some watery mirage on a desert, but confronts them head on in all its demanding, unavoidable glory.


Head one route, and you’ll find a road well-travelled by journeymen musicians, all riding into their twilight years on the back of past successes, casually playing it safe in a not unforgivable effort to simply keep the ship steady and the cheques rolling in.


Take the other, and you’ll find that rare breed of rock band, the ones who can’t help but continue to smash their way forward with a sound every bit as fresh, exciting and powerful as anything they created in their prime.


With The Plague Within, veteran doom-mongers Paradise Lost don’t just travel the latter road, they hitch up to it on blazing chariots of passion and intensity before storming down that road, triumphantly bludgeoning anything in their path with an album that channels the most extreme overtures of their early days to create a sound that rivals anything doom’s young pretenders may be making in 2015.


Equal parts aggression, exhilaration and enchanting nihilism, The Plague Within soars flawlessly from morose, foreboding atmospheres to obliterating riffs and scathing lead guitars, with each track meticulously placed to build, build, and build towards a beautifully destructive climax.


Before it gets there, the album launches with the threatening guitar and sinister vocals of No Hope in Sight, a rapturous opus which, despite the pessimism implied by its title, summons forth the kind of excitement that inspires you to keep traveling this road-less-travelled with the Lost boys.


Do so, and you’re rewarded with the scorching assault of Terminal, before the sprightly piano of An Eternity of Lies leads you headlong into an operatic epic that makes its presence felt as a true album highlight.


Things return to the smash-mouth annihilation of old with Punishment Through Time, five-plus minutes of thrilling hostility that’s as enjoyable as anything else you’ll find on the record.


From there, things continue in a similar fashion. violent vigour swarmed over by an atmosphere of agonizing riffs and morbid melody. The result is an album that stands as a testament of just what’s possible when a band with almost 30 years under their belt choose to take the path-less-travelled, pushing themselves forth to create a truly fantastic album like The Plague Within.


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