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Yesterday was a pretty awesome day for me. One of my favorite bands came all the way from Kansas City, MO to the hellfire heat that is Tempe, Arizona in mid-July. And although they were the first band of the night to perform, and to a crowd of about 20 people – I can’t speak for the band – but I was super excited. With a sound that is the perfect mix of Brand New, HRVRD, and Manchester Orchestra these guys should have been headlining to a packed venue. The band was on their last leg of their 2 month tour that took them around the country from their home town, to NY, Maine, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, to the Pacific Northwest, south through California and now in Arizona. Show number 41 in 48 days, with 6 more shows to go before they get back home, a true testament the dedication that these guys have.
I walked into the venue as they had just started their first song – “I Dreamt I Destroyed the World” and I immediately grabbed one of the old-school classroom chairs that were randomly dispersed in front of the stage area, sat down and snapped some shots. I knew my camera battery was low so I had to be a bit conservative but got some good ones. A few people in the crowd were feeling it and after the first song was over they graciously invited people to stand up and ‘get close’ so I immediately got on my feet and took a few steps forward. As i turned around, a few hesitated but eventually most of the audience were on their feet. The next track was their single “Occurrence in the Wildwood” and by the time that was over anyone who wasn’t on the feet was sure as hell paying attention now.
Seeing the band play live in such a small venue like this really emphasizes the dynamic of the songs, the quiet parts linger in the air and you can hear the band members singing even if they’re not at the mic. If the crowd were to sing along loud enough they could have almost overpowered vocalist Alexander McClain font and center. These are the kind of shows that I love. The set was awesome and the band gave it their all. They played 2 new tracks which sounded spectacular (“Garden State” being my favorite of the two) and hammered the whole thing home with the blistering yet sullen “We Were Brothers”. I was surprised that my camera battery lasted just long enough to get the last song on video:

Thanks so much to the band for chatting with me after the show. I wish you guys much success and I am super excited to hear the new stuff! I will see you next time!
I Dreamt I Destroyed the World
Occurrence in the Wildwood
Eternal Vibrations (New jam)
Garden State (New jam)
We Were Brothers



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