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Borders is made up of former Of Us Giants singer/guitarist Dustin Andrews and company. They’re prepping for the release of their debut EP and have since released 2 epic singles ‘Harbour‘ and ‘Holiday‘ which can be heard below, and purchased on their bandcamp page.
Dustin has the uncanny ability to write a rich melody given any canvas and his vocal lines are the perfect topping for the underlying rhythms. There’s nothing dull or ordinary about Borders, they are flavor-rich creators of melody and rock. There is confidence and just the right amount of aggression in the songwriting in just these two tracks alone. They’re the cool guy at the party that everyone wants to be friends with. Borders are here, and they want to be friends with you, too.
Harbour is a great melodic rock tune with a smooth flowing line. The rhythm is quite simple but the vocals make it interesting and capture the attention of the listener. The outro sharpens the blade that will slice you to pieces in ‘Holiday’

Holiday is the heavier of the 2 tracks and explodes into an apocalyptic fury that harnesses the power and energy that these guys are capable of and gives me chills when played at full volume.

I was fortunate to get quick interview with Dustin to get some more info on the band:
Besides yourself, who are the other members of the band and had they been in other bands previously?
So the other band members other than myself is Chad Stephens on lead guitar who also doubles as our recording producer. There’s Emily Corpuz on bass and vocals. And Manuel Lopes on the drums.
Where does the name Borders/Borders of the Night come from?
The name Borders is inspired by the constant borders that we seem to set for ourselves. Whether it be fear driven or something that we welcome for comfortability’s sake. We write songs about people who pushed those borders, about people who succeed, but also about people who fail. We all are at war with something in our heads. Every single person. This neurological fingerprint each person has is what fascinates us the most. And inspires each song.
How are these songs being recorded/mixed? I see a lot of your home videos and want to know what software/hardware you guys use.
We use studio one professional, and a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface with a Shure sm7b for vocals and Shure sm57’s for guitar.
Do you have a more solid release date for the ‘Wandering Youth’ EP?
Unfortunately we do not have a more solid release date. It may even have to wait until fall. Until we pass the threshold that allows us to only focus on music without the burden of limited finances this is what we have to deal with. Which is a cloudy schedule that is even uncertain to us.
Any plans for a fan-funded album in the future?
It’s definitely something we’ve been seriously considering. We just want to see what kind of splash we can make on our own terms first.
What else can we look forward to from Borders for the rest of 2015?
With a fall release were also planning a series of shows following said release for promotional purposes. Well, also because we feel show presence is probably the most important thing a band can exceed at. And we’re a little behind if we’re being honest haha. So as of now we’re going to keep our online presence going strong. We may even get a little more aggressive with the upcoming plans. But we’re here to stay 🙂








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