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For Fans Of: Lorde, Banks, Claire
Adria is an australian singer songwriter to put it in the lamest way possible. Adria is a force. Adria is an etherial shadow that descends you into ocean of audio bliss. She is as stunning as she is talented. She just released her debut EP ‘SHELL’ available on iTunes now!

The EP opens with the ominous and eerie Pull Me Under pulsing with strings and piano. Adria’s vocals take you swimming in the dark depths of her consiousness. This is the lead sings from the EP and the track that immediately caught my attention. You can’t help but sway to the rhythm and become immersed in the song. It certainly pulled me under as I fell into the swoon of this amazing singer/songwriter.
Young takes you into a cerebral flashback, as if you can see the projector playing childhood videos as the emotions flow across you, followed by a warm embrace. It’s a great pick-me-up after the somber ‘Pull Me Under’ as it adds more depth to the overall feel of the EP.
Falling is the second single from the EP. A piano ballad which highlights Adria’s ethereal vocals. The track is a slow build adding strings and percussion which makes the track into something huge and unbearable.
River leads with a gorgeous piano which transforms into a waltz-esque 6/8 tempo. The track blooms and comes to life for the chorus and closes the EP on a beautiful note.
All around this EP spills with emotion as Adria weaves you into her spell. I cannot sing her praises enough and I hope that you all support and spread the word about this fantastic EP.

I was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to ask Adria a few questions –


What was the first album you remember purchasing?
No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom
What album/person/artist do you think had the biggest influence on you to become a singer?
I never know how to answer this question because it just happened naturally without any sort of direct influence! I would just sing all the time and make up tunes that rhymed when I was really young. I do remember hearing Mariah Carey in Primary School and wanting to hit all of her high notes. I wouldn’t give up until I could hit them!
Is there a deeper meaning behind the album title ‘Shell’? Is this a metaphor for you coming out of your shell and giving us a deeper glimpse into who you are?
No, the name ‘Shell’ actually has nothing to do with coming out of my shell at all. I’m influenced by water and anything ocean related so I wanted to keep this theme. ‘Shell’ happened to fit that criteria. It resembles remnants of what once was a home. In this case, the home of my thoughts and experiences over the past few years.
If this EP were put to a feature film, what type of scenes/themes/plot twists would we see?
I can see a strong female playing the lead role in some sort of twisted end of the world type scenario where the good hearted survive. Katniss Everdeen crossed with Sophia Loren type lead.
Do you have a touring group to perform with you? Do you hope to come to the states soon?
I would love to come to the states some day! Yes I have a three piece band who perform with me. They are all wonderfully talented musicians.
What do you like most about the Australian music scene? What do you dislike the most?
I’m a little out of the loop with the Australian scene for the most part as tend to live in my own little bubble! But from what I have heard, we have some very talented artists here. Some producers who I’m really enjoying at the moment are Jia Lih, Loston, Sid Pattni and Japanese Wallpaper who are immensely talented. They’ve all got their own thing going on which is great & inspiring. Everyone is supportive and encouraging. I love that.
Thanks so much for the interview!
Watch the video for ‘Pull Me Under’ –


Also hear the remix of ‘Falling’ on the Adria Soundcloud page –



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