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For Ever Action is a 5 piece rock band formed in San Antonio, Texas. Blending genres ranging from 80’s metal to modern day Rock, in the most twisting, yet unique and creative way, FEA bring forth the best music and live performance where ever they go. Starting out with little fans during the show, they tend to bring more and more people to their live performance. Fans of Rise Against, Avenged Sevenfold, Metalica, Steelheart will definitely adore this band.
Fronted by Eliazar Sanchez, Bassist- Lauren Alexis, Guitarists Josh Gunz and Jay Estrada, and Drummer Chris Tavarez.
You guys range from 80’s rock to modern rock and metalcore, what genre would you say you guys fit in best?
Eliazar: We mostly describe it as alternative rock. We also tend to add many styles to our music.
You are involved in a project called the Cool Guy Project, Lauren, are you involved in the project as well?
Lauren: No, I am not.
Eliazar: Cool Guy Project is a separate project that was started by my friend Caleb. He was a solo artist, but then the band started and every member of the band was considered to be the “Cool Guy” (Laughs). Thats the best way to describe it. Basically, me, Caleb and a few of our friends made our own Youtube Channel called Cool Guy Project YouTubers and there we make videos of what out fans want to see.
What influenced you guys to start making music? Where did you get the drive for it?
Lauren: Oh man, I don’t know where to start. The song that I ever heard of that made me want to play guitar was by Metallica, I don’t remember what song it was though. It blew mind, because I was always used to hearing what my dad and mom listened to which was 80’s rock or anything rock-ish. So it kind of just blew my mind the first time that I heard it and I was kind of like “Oh man, I wanna do that!”. What made me play in the band though was when I was in middle school and I was at home, sick, watching MTV, back when MTV was cool and played music.That was when All Time Low came up on the Tv with their album Nothing Personal. That was when I went, “I want to do that too!”. From then on, it was all about it music.
Elizar: Of course Metallica, they are one of the greatest bands in the world. A lot of 80’s rock bands like Journey, Metallica, Guns N Roses…. just a lot of of 80’s rock music. I would see videos of them performing on stage and documentaries- I see that and thats exactly what I wanted to do – the feeling of the crowd chanting your name out and looking at you perform, doing what you love.
You guys released an Ep, can you talk about the song called I Feel Your Pain?
Eliazar: Well, I Feel Your pain was the song I wrote one or two years ago and it was before I was in the band. I wrote in Rock Star Academy and the reason I wrote that song was because I have a lot of friends that have these personal issues with family and friends or even losing someone. It’s a way for me to let people know that I too feel their pain and that I’ve gone through the same as well.
What as your goal when you guys were recording the EP.?
Eliazar: Our goal on the Ep. was to try and make songs relatable to not just our selves. When I write lyrics, I try to make it not too much about my self or if something happened to me, but I write about something that may have happened to us in general. Also, The name, Equals and Opposites, came from our first band name, because in Newton’s Laws, for every action there is an opposite reaction. Also, there are two reasons, one is because of Newtons Law and the second reason is because people might have an equal reaction to what we have to say or an opposite reaction, but still relatable.
So, would you guys say that you could be classified in a science rock genre instead of alternative rock?
Eliazar: No, not at all! (Laughs)
Lauren: I love the idea though!
Lauren, I have a question for you, Lauren, how does it feel to play bass for a band like For Every Action?
Lauren: I actually really love it. Not going to lie, down here, in our local scene, there are five bass players that are girls that are in the hardcore local scene and I am the youngest out of all of them. It’s really awesome to hangout with these guys and I really like it.

What inspired you to pick up singing?
Eliazar: Well, there are a lot of inspirations that got me into singing,but what mostly got me into singing was picking up chicks.(Laughs) No, it was just me listening to my favorite artists. I always wanted to sing, but I never had a real good reason to start singing and Rock Star Academy pushed me towards it and it made me do it more and I did eventually want to do more.
You mentioned Rock Star Academy, what can you tell me about it?
Eliazar: Well, Rock Star Academy is run by Michael Morales. He was a former- I guess you could say famous. He prepares for what we want to do. It’s not an actual school, it’s like an after school program. It lets people learn an instrument the way the want to, because sometimes people don’t want to go through the learning process. The learning process is theoretical way. There are people there who want to go through the theory process though. Also, I Feel Your Pain, was recorded there, at the academy.
How was your EP. recorded?
Eliazar: The EP. was recorded by Darkness Divided’s guitarist, Christopher Mora. He has his own recording studio on the outskirts of San Antonio. I wouldn’t record our own music because…. its just not a good idea to do that.
When you guys play shows, on the posters, there are a lot of heavy act bands and then there is For Every Action, which is different than the other bands, How do you guys end up playing shows with the heavy metal-core bands?
Lauren: Well this is exactly how it happens. Here in San Antonio, our music scene that is between probably around thirty to about 25, basically the age range- all of them in that age range usually play like your hardcore, your prog. metal, basically your core sub-genres. So there is not that many shows that our band can fit into here, but we are lucky enough that the promoters and the bookers even put our band on there. We not only get exposure out of these shows, but also make really good friends.
Where does the name For Every Action come from?
Eliazar: To be honest, it doesn’t really have a whole lot of meaning. We all wrote down band titles on a piece of paper and voted on band names and For Every Action got the most votes and we all agreed on it. We also make our own meanings to it as we go.
You guys had a few members changes, can you tell me who the new members of FEA are?
Eliazar: Well, Lauren is the new member, she is the bassist, another new member is our drummer, Chris and an another new member of the band is Jay, but I haven’t updated his information yet.
So, how does it feel to bring in some new members to the line up?
Eliazar: It does hurt a little bit for getting rid of original members, but sometimes we dont have a choice.
Lauren: It was either that they were holding us back or it was better for them to leave. For example, our old drummer, even though I played one show with him, it kind of hurt to see him leave because I’ve been in the band for while and got see it grow.
Eliazar: Lauren was our photographer before too.
Lauren: Yeah, I was their photographer before I became their bass player. So, I’ve been there for a while, watching them grow as a band and seeing him leave just as I joined the band was kind of tough, but we all knew that it was better for him to go on to military because that is what he wanted to do.
That is interesting to hear that a band’s photographer got to be the bass player as well. Lauren, how long have you been in the band?
Lauren: It was somewhere around October, 2014, when I joined the band.
How did it feel when you guys played your first show?
Lauren: Umm…. It was a little nerve wrecking because I didn’t have enough time to learn all the songs and I just felt like I wasn’t ready, but now that we have had time to get our stuff together and get a solid line up together, we are going to come in stronger than we did before.
So a lot of bands use different gear when they play shows or go on tours, what type of gear do you guys usually use on the road or just playing regular shows?
Lauren: Right now, I have a Fender bass, but I am really looking into buying an Ibanez bass just because it fits my style and also because I am kind of short so it would help out with tuning and such. Also, I use an Orange Crunch Amp and it is my favorite thing in the world right now, its great for everything and its my baby!
Eliazar: What our lead guitarist uses is a Marshall half-stack, with an Ibanez guitar. He has a pretty solid set, he doesn’t use any pedals, just goes directly through the amp. Our other guitarist sometimes uses my rig and it is mainly a Excalibur half-stack.
When you guys play shows, what is the atmosphere like? As soon as you guys step on stage, how does the crowd react?
Eliazar: They look away. (laughs)
Lauren: They automatically boo us off the stage and start throwing stuff at us!
Eliazar: No, but really, what happens is that people look at us and first of all, they see the hair and they see our 80’s looking guitars and they probably go like “oh this is going to be weird, what kind of core are they?”
Lauren: We are 80’s Metal-Core! (Laughs) Where everything is in standard and we djent on standard.
Eliazar: They look at us and notice that we are different, but they stay and watch us and figure out what type of a band we are. They get a little bit confused. People stay because it is interesting to watch something diverse at a metal show, but some also walk away because it’s not their type of music.
Lauren: What we do see a lot of of is, that we will see people leave and then of all the sudden halfway through our set, we see a bunch of people come out and see us, which is really cool. That happened at a ThrashGiving, we had five people when we started and we were a little upset about that and then like during our set we saw that the whole patio was full of people and that was pretty cool.

What is the most embarrassing story you guys have?
Lauren: Well, it was the first show we played with me in the band and we played couple of our originals and couple of covers. We actually covered Miss Murder by AFI, and I don’t really listen to AFI so I never go that rhythm down right, so when we played that song, I kind of was just like behind the speakers the entire time. One of our friends took pictures and in one of the pictures, you could see my head sticking out of the side of the speaker. Yeah, that was a little bit embarrassing.
Eliazar: I don’t know if many people know this, but I tear my pants……… yeah……..
Alright guys, this will be the final question, but what band or bands would you want to go on a tour with?
Eliazar: For me, it would probably be , 30 Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, Black Veil Brides, Rise Against or any of my 80’s metal inspirations, which would be impossible. We did however, open up for LA Guns, who were the pre Guns N Roses and it was pretty amazing.
Lauren: Well, if I could tour with this band, oh my gosh, I would definitely want to go tour with…. even though we are nothing like them, it would mean the world to go on a tour with The Contortionist and Animals As Leaders, those are my favorite bands and it would be more than an honor to be able to tour them.
Well, thank you guys for doing this interview! Good luck with the band!
Eliazar: Thank You!
Lauren: Yeah, thanks for interviewing us, it means a lot to not just me, but to the guys who aren’t here.

Eliazar’s Youtube Page:


FEA Youtube page:

FEA ReverbNation:

Their Ep is available on Spotify, iTunes ,Google Play,BandCamp,Soundcloud.


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