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UK pop-rock duo Anavae recently released a new music video for their new single “Feel Alive”. Blending sharp electronic elements with massive rock sounds Anavae have solidified their place in the UK scene and are out to conquer the globe. After 2 albums: 2012’s Into the Aether, and 2013’s Dimensions as well as an EP Storm Chaser and a re-interpretation album Parallel Dimensions, these guys have been around the block and have sharpened their skills over the years to give you 2 new tracks: “Feel Alive” and the b-side to the single “Instinct”
Order the physical copy of the Feel Alive single (including ‘Instinct’) here: http://anavae.bigcartel.com

Watch the video then check the interview below.


I got a chance to interview the duo and get to know them a little better. They’re a band of few words, straight and too the point. No frills or gimmicks, Anavae is the real deal.
If Anavae had a slogan/catchphrase, what would it be?
– Shut up and do it.
When was a time in your life where you truly ‘felt alive’? (besides performing)
– Night time driving with the windows rolled down.
What’s a little backstory of the track ‘Instinct’, and why do you not trust your instinct?
– It’s about giving in to a fantasy…not being able to stop yourself from giving in.
If you were to travel back to 2011 and give some advice to yourself when you were writing/recording ‘Into the Aether’, what would you say?
– Jamie: I wouldn’t say anything. I’m glad we made some of the mistakes we made.
– Becca: I feel like the ‘first EP period’ is a time for messing around and being naive. I wouldn’t have wanted to take that away from us.
What was the first album you purchased/listened to the most growing up?
– Spice Girls – Spice up your life
Who are your musical idols?
– Taylor Swift & Aliens.

If you were to create a ‘dream supergroup’ that you would be the front person for, who would be in your lineup?
– Becca: Ben Howard, Bonobo, Nitin Sawhney and… Skrillex. Calvin Harris can come too.
What are some of your favourite books/authors?
– Becca: Oh my. I’m a sucker for Arthur C Clarke, Haruki Murakami, Tolkien, of course. You must read The Rawshark Texts by Steven Hall.
Yes Man! by Danny Wallace changed my life.. for about a month… I should probably go and read that again.
Would you rather live in a secluded cabin in the country or in a high class city loft?
– City loft. Top floor. Like the ending scene of Babel.
If you hadn’t become musicians, what would your chosen career field be?
– Becca: Hahah! I don’t know any one who is able to say their career solely involves being a ‘musician’. I work as a freelance photographer when I’m not screeching.
Shout outs! Name some other independent bands that you think people should pay attention to.
– Becca: I’m pretty sure ‘Oh Wonder‘ are going to be massive. Are they still independent…? Who knows.
You should definitely check out Aquilo.
– Jamie: Late Homecoming. We toured with them last year & I’ve been working with them ever since. Love those guys!

Thanks so much for taking the time, guys!


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