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The Dreaming Rise Again

Rating: 9/10

The day that Stabbing Westward called it quits back in 2002 it was a sad day for music. To me, they were the staple of my youth, a staple of the industrial rock music movement. Their music resonated with me during my teen angst days, with the ups and (mostly) downs of relationships, of love and the pain that comes with it. It helped me through the bad times, like a good friend whose shoulder is always there to lean on. Christopher Hall and his unforgiving wails and whispers were the voice of my upbringing.
Later in 2002, singer Hall and SW drummer Johnny Haro started The Dreaming. In 2005 they released on EP and in 2006 an acoustic EP. Then they went on tour with Godhead, Ill Nino, and RA. Then in 2008 they released their first full length ‘Etched In Blood‘. A few more tours with Flaw and Trust Company and in 2011 saw the release of their second album ‘Puppet‘ through EMI.
In late 2014 The Dreaming signed a distribution deal with Metropolis Records. They also joined forces with the original SW keyboardist Walter Flakus. This addition changed the game entirely and solidified that original ambient/industrial edge to the band and upon hearing the intro to their first single “Alone” I was immediately awestruck. On February 10th 2015 the band released their third album “Rise Again”.
The album is a euphoric flashback to the glory days of the band. Word is spreading fast among the Stabbing Westward fan base and we can only hope that this puts the band back on top of the rock charts.

The first single- “Alone” starts out with that trademark SW feel: Dark reverberated toms with a flowing bassline conjure up the the brooding guitar and sparking synth. By the time the chorus comes and goes, and the synth kicks in and takes you back the verse, I was completely elated. The Dreaming have totally stuck a chord with fans to revitalize their success and so far, it’s been working.
I can only hope that this album will spark the rise of a new industrial rock revival with The Dreaming at the forefront.
The 10 track album is a nod to the powerhouse that was Stabbing Westward with the distinctive Hall/Flakus sound. It will be a steady play in the headphones and in the car, full volume, as it should be.




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