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ottawa album artEarly in 2014, Cleveland natives Dale DeLong (vocals), Will Hooper (guitar), Tim Czajka (guitar), Chris Williams (bass) and Steve Crobar (drums) came together to form Ottawa. Embracing their influences ranging from The Velvet Underground to The Killers, Ottawa is an edgy garage rock band with pop sensibilities.
For Fans Of: The Killers, Portugal the Man, The Bravery
On the fifth of December 2014, Ottawa released their debut EP, Random Lights. Throughout the EP, the band’s dynamic sound shifts from the adrenaline-pumping “The Good Kind” to the contemplative “Lie To Me.” In less than a year, Ottawa has attracted a growing following due to their captivating live performances that more closely resemble the confidence and showmanship of a nationally touring band rather than an emerging local act.
In 2015, Ottawa plans to tour throughout the United States and work towards their first full-length album.

Thanks again for this opportunity, Scott!
1. Cleveland has an amazing live scene. What were some of your favorite concerts that you’ve attended in Cleveland?
Tim: Teddy Boys with Seafair and These Knees, right before Thanksgiving last year.
Dale: The Midnight Passenger show at the Grog Shop with Nomads. Nomads had a painter accompany them on stage and it was so unusual and creative.
Chris: Tool in 2006 was pretty awesome for me.
2. If your songs were turned into a movie, what kind of scenes would play out to them?
Chris: Sports montages!
Steve: Our friend’s mom said the first time she listened to “The Good Kind,” she thought it would be perfect for the next Bourne movie. I’d have to agree with that!
3. What song or songs have the most emotional weight to them from the album?
Chris: Definitely “Lie to Me.” I lived through the lyrical content. The words are very powerful and profound, especially coming from Dale. He’s my best friend, but he was never someone who would say ‘enough is enough,’ and for him to sing that and be where he is today is pretty awesome. I love playing that song.
4. Did the band every have any cover songs to fill the setlist when starting out? Or what covers would you guys like to play just for fun?
Chris: Deciding on a cover song is tough because we all want to play songs we like.
Tim: We try to pick stuff that works for the whole band.
Dale: It was between “Where is My Mind” and “I Want it That Way,” and the Pixies won out in the end.
5. Do you have any connections with other cleveland bands? What other independent bands do you think more people should be listening to?
Will: Cleveland’s music scene is awesome, and it just keeps getting better every year. Two of my favorite Cleveland bands are Herzog and Teddy Boys. Everyone should be listening to them.
Chris: Lighthouse and the Whaler.
Dale: Fever Child. I saw them live last year and love their energy.
Steve: Leah Lou and the 2 Left Shoes. It’s amazing that two people can make such a great big sound together.
Tim: These Knees are one of my favorite Cleveland bands, especially the song “Alive.”
6. What would be your ultimate band to go on tour with?
Tim: Wilco or Cold War Kids, My Morning Jacket
Chris: Anybody!! or just Pearl Jam or the National.
Dale: Cage the Elephant
Steve: Violent Femmes
Will: Oasis or some great 90s band.

Thanks so much for taking the time!!
Follow Ottawa:

Also, we just released Ottawa’s first video for the new song “Fever,” filmed and recorded live at Bad Racket Studios here in Cleveland. Check it out! –



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