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Hailed as one of the next bands to watch out for, Atrium is a progressive rock group that’s proving it has something to say with a powerful sound to accompany. Formed in 2011, the Charlotte, North Carolina based trio have already made fans across the world with their driving guitars, soaring melodies, and memorable hooks. They’ve performed multiple stints on the road, through which they have spread their music to ready ears throughout the Southeast, Midwest, and New England – quickly garnering the reputation of having a high energy live show that rivals their recordings. With the recent release of their second EP – the anthemic powerhouse The Tide – and their online presence steadily gaining in support, Atrium shows no signs of slowing down.


What was your first musical memory/concert/or album that you remember?
Emily: Don Henley’s The End of the Innocence…my musical options were limited as a child, so I clung to the few albums that my mom kept around the house.  We all found rock music at different points in our lives, but our defining memories all came from hearing the heavier music that was coming out in the early 2000’s.
How much has your creative process and execution of the songs changed since writing your debut EP Post Script?
Emily: When Post Script was written, Atrium was just starting out, and Paul and I were the only members.  The entire EP was written in the period of a few weeks to meet a recording deadline, and the subsequent product felt a little rushed.  When we were writing The Tide, we had the strong addition of Chris on the creative team, which helped us push outside of our comfort zone compositionally.  The two EPs were also released a few years apart, during which time we grew significantly as song writers and musicians.  We also had enough time to fully flesh out our ideas and ‘trim the fat’, so to speak.
What was the recording/producing process like for The Tide and how was it in comparison to your debut album?
Paul:  When we were recording Post Script, we found a local musician that was moonlighting as an engineer and recording most of the area’s bands.  We didn’t have a concise idea of what we wanted the finished product to sound like, and it wound up having a lot of outside influence from the producer.  When we were working on The Tide we added Chris, and he not only became an integral part of the writing process, but he also proved himself to be a great engineer and producer.  This new EP was written/recorded/produced completely in house with no outside influence; it’s a more true representation of our sound.
How do the moods and emotions compare between the two albums?
The Tide is a far more personal and emotional album than our first.  We reached a point as musicians where we weren’t afraid to take chances and change our formula – swapping the standard three and a half minute “single” format for songs that had more heart.  We stopped writing the songs we thought people would want to hear, and instead focused on creating the music we genuinely felt.
If you could change lives with another band for 30 days, what band would you choose?
Chris: Taking Back Sunday; they’re a popular band with longevity, but they’re not jaded by the industry.
Paul: Weezer; they’re such veterans in the music scene that they can goof off and play frisbee before performing in front of thousands of cheering fans that are just as excited to hear their latest radio single as they are to hear their classics from 20 years ago.
Emily: Beartooth, because they got to go to Taco Bell Headquarters and try new menu items.  But all kidding aside, it’s inspiring to see a band coming out of the starting gate so strongly.
Which hiatus were you more devastated about, Thrice or Sent By Ravens?
Chris: Unfortunately, we didn’t catch on to Thrice until the end of their career, while comparatively we were able to anticipate the album drops from Sent By Ravens, and we even attended their last show.  Retrospectively though, Thrice was one of the trailblazers in the post hardcore scene, and they were a devastating loss to rock music.
Which band do you think would give you the most competition at an eating contest?
Bowling For Soup.
What are some of your favorite books/movies?
It’s really hard to name a favorite movie, especially because our tradition as a band is to get together and scrutinize terrible ones, in the style of a home grown Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Do you have a close relationship with other local bands? What other independent/unsigned bands do you think people should be listening to?
In Waves is a great unsigned local band, and we’re excited to be playing with them this April.  We’re also fans of an up-and-coming solo artist named Madonna; we’ve got a good feeling that she’ll be going places.
What can we expect from Atrium in 2015?
We’re ready to hit the ground running with a lot of shows, music videos, writing a full length album – maybe a calendar where we’re all wearing matching jorts.  2015 will definitely be a defining year for us.
Chris: I would like to see some Atrium socks.


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