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Rating: 9/10

For Fans Of: letlive, Arcane Roots, Touche Amore
Endlessly trawling Facebook rarely turns up anything than a couple Vines, an indirect status or two and a Buzzfeed article. In summary, nothing of particular interest. But once every so often, you’ll find something golden. Cue stumbling across Toy Mountains and me being dragged out a daydream to take some notice.
The Glasgow four piece, consisting of Callum McClune (lead vocals and guitars) Greg Leyden (vocals and guitars) Grant Malcolm (vocals, guitars) and Matthew Cowie (drums), have now launched themselves into my everyday listening with the sheer diversity of album ‘For a Few Seconds, Came Harmony’ leaving me hungry for more.


Opening instrumental track ‘And Then…’ is the ideal introduction with an ambient building of momentum that flows with seamless simplicity into the satisfyingly steely catchiness that is ‘Suspended Animation’, the song that gives you your first real insight into what this band can truly do. With an incredible hook and lyrics that can only be described as frank but fair, their veracious edge strikes the perfect balance with the substantial fills that Cowie manages to fire out with outstandingly unwavering pace.
The following two tracks ‘Warm Blooded’ and ‘Sick of You’ keep up the standards set before them with raw edges, brilliant breakdowns and a more chilled vibe while still maintaining the edge that makes the whole album so enjoyable, which, by no stretch of the imagination, is any mean feat.
The listener is then fired immediately into what is, for me, the highlight of the album. ‘Anybody Else’ is intensely invigorating, the darker lyrics guided by an unconventionally ominous sounding lead guitar from McClune, making the track both fiery and refreshing.
Where ‘Anybody Else’ has the fantastic heavier rock sound that is so great and shows off the full potential of Toy Mountains, following track ‘Virgin Veins’ is a fantastic example of the band’s complete versatility. The penultimate track showcases a slightly more pop vibe but upholds the keen alternative rock edge the album grows the listener accustomed to. It cannot be denied that this song is an anthem in the making; quality riffs from McClune and Leyden, Malcolm’s bass accomplishing an impressive undertone beneath the lead guitars and completed with catchy lyrics that are the perfect fit for throwing back at the band at shows.
Closing track and album namesake ‘…For A Few Seconds, Came Harmony’ is the perfect way to round off a brilliant body of work. The band manage to establish an impeccable balance between fast and slow, heavy and light, all bound tightly together with some fantastically personal and hard-hitting lyrics. In particular, key lyric “and for a few seconds came harmony” is completely at odds with McClune’s following vocals which are intensely passionate and far from tranquil, creating a crucial contrast to making the song the massive number that it is.


In essence, the album was a lucky find that I couldn’t be happier with. No one could dispute the hard work that shines through the track listing, the same hard work that got the boys on their first tour of Scotland in December. Getting my chance to see them live in February 2015 confirmed what I knew had to be true, the live set did only justice and more to the recordings. Energy aplenty and a strong local following, if these guys aren’t on tour and getting festival slots within the year then I’ll buy you all a drink. A new firm favourite of mine, mark my words and check them out. You will not be disappointed.




Toy Mountains4


Toy Mountains3


Toy Mountains2


Toy Mountains


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