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Lo’ There Do I See My Brother is a post-rock band from Tacoma, Washington. They have recently released their new album Northern Shore and is now available online everywhere.


Formed in November of 2011 in Tacoma Washington by Adam Wolbert and Caleb Baker as an outlet for expressing a more melodic and progressive take on 90’s styled alternative rock. Very soon afterwards, Ahren Lanfor was asked to play bass and Will Chi joined on drums at the departure of their original drummer. Most recently, Tor Caspersen has joined to round out Lo There’s sound on third guitar and synth.


Their new album runs deep in imagery and soundscapes. The band consistently stacking thick layers of expansive rock sounds mixed with moments of whispering vulnerability. They have crafted an melodic and heavy take on the alternative grunge that was such an influential part of their musical upbringing. Their music is meant to help the listener feel a sense that we are all part of a collective whole and that we, as singular people, are such a small part to a vast universe. It makes for one hell of an album as these guys continue to out-do themselves. Northern Shore is a force of nature that is harnessed through your headphones and erupts straight into your head, transporting you to a euphoric forest of sound.


Read our review of their debut album here.


I got a chance to talk to the band about their new album and other things:


Songs like “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep”, “Ephemeris” and “We’re Not Building Pianos, We’re Making Machines” all lead toward a very sci-fi influenced themes. I’d like to know what are your current/favorite directors/actors/authors are and how they may have influenced the songwriting (or at least the song titles) of the new album.

Adam: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep was actually the name of the book that Blade Runner was adapted from. Favorite directors are probably Wes Anderson, and Irvin Kirschner. I like how they depict reality.

Caleb: We are all pretty big Sci-Fi fans, for the instrumental tracks we usually base the names off of how we think the song sounds and sometimes just things we think are cool. Favorite director would have to be Micheal Bay for the explosions.

Will: Favorite Directors: David Lynch- The absolute weirdness and directing style is always welcomed in my book. David Cronenburg- Especially his horror and sci-fi works. I’ve always been intrigued by his characters because of how different they were and the thought-provoking and traumatizing experiences they went through. Favorite Actor: Bruce Lee- As humorous as it sounds, I’ve always looked up to Bruce. His martial arts skills were second to none. Also the fact that he tore down racial stereotypes. As someone who is part Asian, that aspect of him really resonates and inspires me.

Tor: Most of my movie interests lie in documentaries, especially about nature and space. (Planet Earth, Blue Ocean, and just about any BBC-produced nature/science doc is right up my alley).


What are you recent favorite books/movies?

Caleb: I heard interstellar was great. I haven’t seen it though. Lately I’ve been reading some Upton Sinclair and Cat’s Cradle by Vonnegut.

Adam: Interstellar was fantastic, been meaning to See Guardians of the Galaxy. I actually just finished Breakfast of Champions by Vonnegut as well. There is a book store in Pomona that gives touring bands books in exchange for an album, we got Cats Cradle at that bookshop actually.Caleb: I heard interstellar was great. I haven’t seen it though. Lately i’ve been reading some Upton Sinclair and Cat’s Cradle by Vonnegut.

Will: My favorite books include “NEXT” by Michael Critchon for its ability to make people question the capabilities of genetic research with today’s time and technology. Another one is Stephen King’s “IT”. To put children through a horror scenario is frightening. Especially when the enemy can shape-shift. My favorite films are anything that is thought provoking and emotional that make me feel as if the screen I’m watching them on is a view into another universe.

Ahren – A recent movie I really liked was The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Life Of Walter Mitty. As for books nothing recent but I usually take interest in great adventure novels with historical content and anything dealing with the turn of the century WWI era before and after.

Tor: Most of what I read these days are not necessarily creative texts, but texts that lead to creativity. I’ve been reading and re-reading lot of books about music production and mixing, such as Stavrou’s “Mixing With Your Mind,” or Bob Katz’ mastering book. Other fun textbooks include fun stuff about video editing, and music business. (Nerd alert!)


What was the first cover song that you learned how to play the best and did that song help you meet former/current band mates?

Caleb: “Party in the USA” is the only cover you ever need to know.

Will: I actually cannot recall. However, I truly feel that music does have a some-what magnetic affect on people.

Ahren: The first cover song I learned how to play was “Everlong” from The Foo fighters but influences ranging from At The Drive-In and Radiohead to Deftones and Mogwai I think is what brought me to connect with the guys in the band.

Adam: “Fell on Black Days” by Soundgarden

Tor: I used to play in this sick mathy emo-core band in Norway, with probably one of the most talented drummers I will ever meet, who now plays in Carnival Kids. (You should check that band out!) Andreas (Carnival Kids drummer) and I covered “One-Armed Scissor” by At the Drive-In at our college talent show, and the response was really positive. Like, way more positive than what a college cover band warranted! But that cover song was the spark that led the two of us to play music together all through college, and continue to grow such a passion for performing.


What was the first album that you remember that really made you decide to play music?

Caleb: Mogwai – The Hawk is Howling for sure.

Will: A Perfect Circle’s “Mer De Noms.” The voice, the lyrics, the melody and yes, the drums. All of it inspired me.

Adam: It wasn’t an album, there was a local band called Loved in Minnesota that I saw play when I was 13-14 and their performance moved me to pursue music.

Ahren: Tool “Aenima” and At The Drive-In “Relationship Of Command”.

Tor: “Deloused in the Commatorium” by The Mars Volta was probably the first album that showed me (a young classical violinist at the time), that there was really good technically advanced rock music that didn’t get lumped in specifically with metal or jazz/fusion genres. Guys that ripped really hard as a band, but who were also each individually playing really technically proficient parts.

Desert Island Top 5 albums (or however many you want to choose)

Caleb: Converge – Jane Doe, Sigur Ros – (), Miles Davis – Some Kind Of Blue, My Bloody Valentine – Loveless, And maybe some Marley if im gonna be on an island forever.

Will: -A Perfect Circle- Mer De Noms, Tricot- THE, Mouse On The Keys- An Anxious Object, The Roots- How I Got Over, Deftones- Around The Fur

Adam: Sigur Ros – () Deftones – White Pony Deftones – Diamond Eyes Radiohead – Kid A Soundgarden -Discography Audioslave -S/T

Ahren: Tool “Aenima”, Nine Inch Nails “The Downward Spiral”, Nine Inch Nails “The Fragile”, At The Drive-In “Relationship Of Command”, Deftones “Diamond Eyes”, Circa Survive “Jaturna”, As Tall As Lions “Self Titled”, Weezer “Blue Album”, Daft Punk “Discovery”, Radiohead “Kid A”, Irreversible “age”, Irreversible “Sins”, Glassjaw “EYWTKAS”, Glassjaw “Worship And Tribute”, The Felix Culpa “Sever Your Roots”, The Smashing Pumpkins “Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness”, Soundgarden “Badmoterfinger”, Soundgarden “Super Unknown”.

Tor: (In no particular order)  Weezer – Pinkerton,  At The Drive-In – Relationship of Command, Riddle of Steel – Got This Feeling, As Tall As Lions – As Tall As Lions.  So I just had to peek into my music library to make sure I didn’t forget anything. And I realized that, there’s about 20 records that would have to be on this list. I’ll just leave it at 4 for now. Maybe we can follow up with a “Lo’ There Summer Jamz” interview…

If you guys weren’t in a band and never started playing instruments, what career field do you think you would have pursued?

Caleb: I’ve always thought about becoming a teacher, if not that then maybe an astronaut.

Will: Anything that would grant me secretive knowledge. And power wouldn’t hurt, too.

Adam: My mom was a teacher, always something that I’ve been interested in as well.

Ahren: Archeologist or Military Special Forces.

Tor: Either full time audio engineer, or I would probably be working in education. Honestly, I can’t imagine ever working with anything besides music. (Unless my secret basketball career takes off…)

How do you decide which tracks to apply vocals to? Do you feel a story in the rhythm of some songs and feel the need to express it with vocals, or -in the cases of the tracks without vocals – are you choosing to let the music speak for itself?

Adam: There is never really a set formula for us in regards to singing/not singing from track to track. On Northern Shore, The vocal melody in a lot of ways dictated what the instrumentation was doing underneath it. If a song feels complete as an instrumental, we usually leave it that way, we usually go into a writing context knowing ‘this is going to be an instrumental’ or ‘this is going to follow a more common song structure’.


If this album were turned into a movie (a la Pink Floyd – The Wall), what type of imagery or themes would the viewer see?

Adam: Really interesting question! Haha. Well we are all from the Pacific Northwest, so I would imagine forestry, nature, mountains. The show Twin Peaks was based like an hour away from our hometown, so maybe just watch an episode of that with our record on in the background? haha

Tor: I’m sure all the guys said this, but our movie would definitely heavily feature northwest nature and our local scenery. It’s something we all try not to take for granted- we live in a very beautiful part of the world. We’re also starting to work very closely with a local visual artist who’s work we all really enjoy (he did our eye logo, and a handful of our merch/flyer artwork), so his artwork would/will be heavily featured in future projects like that.


What’s the origin of ‘Caught In the Shallows: Part 2’? Why did you feel it necessary for a continuation of that track from WEOWFOOS?

Adam: The content lyrically is a continuation of Caught in the Shallows from WEOWFOOS, just seemed right. The lyrical content as a whole is more or less a continuation of our previous efforts.


‘Northern Shore’ out now! https://itunes.apple.com/album/northern-shore/id957073989?v0=9988&ign-mpt=uo%3D1





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