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Rating: 8.5/10

For Fans Of: Manchester Orchestra, Balance and Composure


Originally conceived as a one-off project before members moved on to various non-musical pursuits, Father Mountain came out swinging with the self-released On Leaving and Being Left Behind EP in the fall of 2014. The five track release seems only to scratch the surface of the Kentucky band’s multidimensional sound, aggregating the controlled energy of alternative forerunners such as Balance and Composure, the poignant lyrical tendencies of the much heralded emo revival and tempered dynamics reminiscent of seasoned indie acts like Manchester Orchestra.


Life experiences appear to surpass age in vocalist Zane Martin’s lyrics, delivered passionately from near-whispers to heartfelt shouts. Songs seem to have been allowed to find their own destinations, rarely falling into predictable verse-chorus-verse-bridge norms. Multi-layered instrumentation shows a glimpse of members’ past projects, which ranged from ambient to metal and indie pop. Following the release of the EP and a track released via Too Far Gone Record’s Modest Mouse cover compilation, the band will be embarking on a southeast tour in early January. Eager to put in miles and find as many ears as possible, more extensive touring is planned for the spring and summer of 2015.


These guys really caught me by surprise. Their email subject simply read “Review Submission” and got buried in the shuffle of my over-crowded inbox. Then one day I really say down and listened to it and was so glad that I didn’t overlook these guys. The first/title track ‘On Leaving & Being Left Behind‘ starts of subdued and quiet, forcing me to listen all the more intently. The harmony of the chorus and the female backing vocals gave me chills. Then the rhythm section comes in on the second verse and then the whole thing erupts at the 2:23 mark and I was awe stricken with a silly grin on my face.


Bones’ rocks your head with some amazing harmonies on the chorus, emotional vocals, and a head banging outro. ‘Hope‘ follows another slow-build explosion. ‘Borrowed Sleep’ is a somber tune to ease you into the amazing ‘Ladybird‘.


The album holds up to the amazing title track all the way through the final somber notes of the ‘hidden track’ on the nearly 12 minute ‘Ladybird’. This album is a shining apex of the new era of rock and I’m pleased to be rolling out the red carpet for Father Mountain.


Must Listen Track!: On Leaving and Being Left Behind


music: https://fathermountain.bandcamp.com/
merch: https://fathermountain.bandcamp.com/merch
photos: http://instagram.com/fathermountain


Father Mountain

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