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sun and fleshSun & Flesh is a rock band from Brooklyn NY. They’re gearing up for the release of their sophomore album later this year and releasing one track at a time through their youtube page (see below). Produced by Melissa Cross (The Zen Of Screaming) and Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Chiodos) these guys are striking up fires in the scene and paving a path of aural destruction. Keep your ears open for these guys soon!


For Fans Of: Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle


We had the opportunity to ask vocalist Christoph Manuel a few questions:


I see that you guys have released 5 songs from the new EP (Rain, Yuck Fou, Damage Is Done, Burn It Up, Live Again) on YouTube. How many songs are on the new EP and when is the full release date (has it been released?) and  was Melissa Cross (The Zen Of Screaming) and Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Chiodos) on it?


Melissa has been a mentor to the band from day one and she brought in Josh Wilbur. They’re a great team so it was important for us to keep it together. We’re releasing the new songs one by one online. Once we’re finished releasing them we’ll be pressing them up and selling them at shows and online.


How or why did you guys decide to release all the songs online one by one rather than only release one single and then release the entire album at once?


There’s a lot of freedom that an artist has these days when it comes to releasing material. The truth is that pretty much no one buys records anymore unless it’s fans at a show. We wanted to build some suspense and release the tracks one by one to make the most impact with each of them. Once they’re all out we’ll be pressing them up and selling them.


Cristoph and Stefan – How was the transition to move out of Austria to brooklyn? How old were you when you moved? How did your family/friends respond? How do they feel now?


We were both in our early twenties and just realized that the music scene we needed to be in was in the US. We had the opportunity to move to Brooklyn and took it right away. We knew we had to be surrounded by a greater community of like minded musicians, as it really is key to stay relevant as an artist. Everyone was super supportive back home, as well as here and we’ve been welcomed whole heartedly.


What is or was you previous/current day jobs?


Right now we all work the odd jobs that help us stay on the road. Touring takes a big toll on you not only physically but also financially when you’re a band of our size. I am an actor and do video editing jobs, Stefan works at a liquor store, Matt is a video editor as well and Jonny will do pretty much anything for money. It’s all good though because in the end it allows us to be on tour and connect with our fans which is what matters most to us.
If you hadn’t even gotten into music, what career field would you have liked to pursue?


Doing the music videos for Sun & Flesh I really got into directing and editing. I can absolutely see myself doing videos for other bands or even getting into directing films down the line. There’s a sense of expression that comes from the visual that’s very different from music. I’ve become a big fan of music video directors such as Jodeb and Daniel Davison, but also film directors like Stanley Kubrick and Ingmar Bergman.



How has the response been in since you’ve been in Brooklyn?


Brooklyn has been great to us. We’ve met so many amazing people here, both fans and musicians in other bands. We’ve been really amazed at how great the reception has been to our music outside of Brooklyn too. We’ve been touring for the last year now and it’s always great to play a town for the first time and make new fans across the country. As cliche as it sounds – our fans are truly who make us what we are.


What song from the new EP holds the most meaning to you and why?


That’s like asking which of your kids is your favorite. Every single song we’ve written & released has a different reason why it’s important to us. Two of my personal favorites are “Live Again” and “Cyanide”. “Live Again” is the perfect metaphor for Sun & Flesh, realizing that all your faults and past mistakes make your who you are and allowing them to help you move on instead of being crippled by them. “Cyanide” is by far the most vulnerable song we have done so far. It’s tricky to pull down the heavy sound when you’re in a rock band, but it was important for us to stay honest and true to who we are.



What type of mood is the new EP written with and how do the new songs from the debut compare?


The first EP was a collaboration between Stefan and me where all songs were written before the band was formed. This next one was written more from the bands point of view. It’s a richer indication of the whole band sound, as we were able to branch out musically. The only way for that to happen was through the band and an organic metamorphosis that allowed us to open up and gave us an opportunity to go in richer directions. The lyrics in the newer stuff were written when I was dealing with some particular demons that culminated in channeling those feelings into what we were writing at the time. The songs became an effigy of demons that are now burnt.


You direct and edit all of your music videos, where did you get the talent, passion and knowledge to get into directing/editing?


I started doing it because we couldn’t afford to hire anybody to do it. We got as many friends involved in the shoots as we could and I taught myself the software I needed to know. It’s been hours and hours of trial and error to get from the idea that I have in my head to the finished product you see. When all is said and done it’s always worth it and I truly enjoy the process. Right now I’m working on two new videos for “Live Again” and “Cyanide” and I’ll hope they’ll be out by Spring 2015.


What do you recall as your first musical memory? (this could be an album, live show, song, person and how did it impact you?)


Aside from the usual influences the first band that really impacted me was Nirvana. I got their live record “From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah” when I was 12. I was blown away by the passion, the depth of emotion and angst, and could connect to all the pain Kurt Cobain packed in those songs immediately. I still remember blasting them on my stereo with the volume way up, my mom telling me to turn it down and me trying to explain to her how you HAD to listen to their music that loud because it simply didn’t sound the same otherwise.


What are some of your favorite books/movies?


I’m a big fan of Sean Penn, Joaquin Phoenix and Daniel Day Lewis, so any movie that either of those are or were in I’m always super keen to check out. They all have this amazing ability at being extremely private and intimate on screen without ever coming of as self indulgent actors. My favorite movies that came out recently were The Master which offers such a unique take on cults and soldiers in a post-war society and Birdman which beautifully shows an interesting take on our culture’s fixation with celebrity.


I’ve just started reading the “My Struggle” books by Karl Ove Knausgaard which are blowing my mind right now. I also just finished “Widow Basquiat” by Jennifer Clement and the Hendrix bio “Room Full of Mirrors”. All of those allow you to live in the mind of the character and slip into a different country, time and life offering a new and different take on who we are as human beings and what it is that drives us. Besides music, reading has to be one of the biggest inspirations to my writing and lately with being on the road as much as we have I try to get my hands on as many books as I can.


What’s upcoming in 2015 from Sun & Flesh?


Touring, touring, touring, touring, more songs, more fans and … did I already say touring? We’ve been writing new songs over the Winter and we’ll be starting to play them on the road. The next tour starts March 5th. We’ll be playing all over the East Coast down to Florida and then make our way up to the Midwest and we can’t wait! The plan for 2015 is to hit every single state of the US.


What other independent bands should more people be looking out for?


Two of my favorite “new” bands this year are Sleepwave and Islander. Both have their own thing going on, while still being super heavy which has become quite rare. Really hope we’ll share the stage or be on a tour with both of them soon!



Thanks so much guys!! Can’t wait to hear more from you guys!





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