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Rating: 9/10


For Fans Of: Jimmy Eat World, Sugarcult, The Starting Line


The Goodnight is a pop-rock band from Los Angeles (by way of Clancy, Montana). You can check out our interview we conducted with the band for their debut release ‘Keep Controlhere.


They have recently released their sophomore album ‘Owlbum’ which solidifies the band’s pop-rock songwriting prowess that should put them on the radar or eager ears around the globe. These guys have worked their asses off touring and recording and are the embodiment of the hard-working independent band movement. Owlbum is packed to the brim with catchy pop-rock good that leaves you with a smile on your face. Much like the glory days of Third Eye Blind and Jimmy Eat World., these guys are great for some of the most memorable tunes for a midnight ride through the city with some good friends. Listening to the album over the first go-round, you can get a sense of how personal this album is for the band. It tells the story of living life to the fullest, of the importance of great friendships and being free in life.


The opening track and first single from the album “Back To Life” shows the fervor of the band and their affinity for squeezing the most out of the moments between sleep. Check out the video here:

Track 3 –  “Younger Years” is another great tune on the album that has a nice rock kick to the mix. It tells the story of a homesick band from Montana, constantly traveling and touring in attempts trying to re-live the moments of their youth.



Track 5 – “Like A Flame” highlights singer Dan Murphy’s smokey vocal crooning and gets the head banging on the bridge/outro. Track 7 – “The Greatest Place” has such a damn good syncopated verse melody you won’t be able to get enough of it. The track speaks of a deep rooted friendship – This is the greatest place we could ever be / we made it/ escaped/ we’re finally free/ it was hard to leave my home/ ’cause my home is a part of me/ we made it and now we’re finally free


The album ends on the somber track “High or Low” and wraps up the whole album in a nice red bow. This is a great album all around and brings such a great vibe (as to be expected) from The Goodnight it should be broadcast to make the world a better place.


From the new record “OWLBUM” now on sale.



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