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“Flavors” is exciting in so many ways. When it begins, it would be easy (and lazy) to dismiss it as twee indie-electro with a slack-jawed vocalist, a song about cute jumpers and sandy toes. The keyboards and the ‘fox’ mask build on this idea in the video, but that idea is quickly quashed when the drums kick in, we see the densely tattooed, muscular arms of the band members and the ‘foxes’ become wolves.



Whilst Flavors is, on the surface, a big, danceable indie song, there is something within that hints at a liking for punk-rock, post-hardcore and their various associated offspring. The video that accompanies the song is part Alice in Wonderland, part Little Red Riding Hood, filmed both in the desert and in a dilapidated house, with a warming amateurishness to the look; reminiscent of the home-made punk rock videos that popped up post-Dookie. The juxtaposition between the two genres throws you off, and as the song and video progresses, more surprises lie in store.



Who is Bigbadwolf? I can’t tell you, because they are refusing to tell me. All we know is that they are a duo from Arizona, they were both frontmen in previous, supposedly well-known bands, and they know how to create a buzz around themselves. By keeping their identities secret, these lone wolves hope the new project will not be “fuelled by [their existing] fanbases”, allowing them to be known as the guys in the wolf masks, withiout the distractions of their actual faces.



I’m trying not to play Sherlock and work out who the lead singer is, instead attempting to listen with fresh ears. Yet knowing that this aspect is meant to be unknown makes me want to know who it is even more. My inklings range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and yet none hit the nail on the head.
It’s an intriguing and exciting concept – a new band that you know nothing about, a new sound that reminds me of many others and vocals so familiar that they feel eerily new. Part of the fun with Bigbadwolf is allowing oneself to get excited imagining who the man behind the voice really is. This wolf has burst into life with an arena-sized bite – big indie riffs, pounding drums, high-octane bassy synth and a voice that skips from shouting to singing in one swift movement, Bigbadwolf is a band to watch, and if we never find out who they really are, with songs like this, it won’t matter.


Purchase “Flavors” on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id905106875


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/whoisbigbadwolfmusic
Instagram: @whoisbigbadwolf
Bandcamp: http://whoisbigbadwolf.bandcamp.com

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